15+ People Who Thrive at Coming Up With “Genius” Solutions

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When a problem comes knocking at our door, some people answer it in really absurd ways that make us forget what the issue was to begin with. Of course, these kinds of answers don’t solve anything, and they sometimes contribute to making an even bigger problem. But on a positive note, they create really hilarious situations and prove to us how uniquely imaginative some minds can get.

Bright Side is a fan of people who like to break the boring barriers of conformity and amaze us with their eccentricity. We’ll share some curious solutions that will keep you guessing for a long time.

1. ’’Smart’’ transportation

2. ’’Cheap’’ wheelchair

3. ’’My solution to the recent heatwave’’

4. ’’My company upgraded their security system.’’

5. ’’My village’s new solution to stop speeding’’

6. ’’Someone messed up my nephew’s haircut and this was my sister’s most logical solution to fix it.’’

7. ’’My dad needed to study.’’

8. When you absolutely want a Limo but can’t afford it:

9. ’’My new solution for chopping onions’’

10. ’’My gas cap stopped closing properly, so I came up with a solution.’’

11. ’’I’m watching a horror film and my girlfriend doesn’t like scary movies, so this is her solution.’’

12. A mailbox and a ’’box for mail’’

13. ’’My solution to my contacts arriving late’’

14. ’’My buddy’s old homemade chopper’’

15. ’’Why spend $100 on a monitor stand when you can use 3 sticks of hot glue.’’

16. ’’My son wanted to play hide-and-seek. He might go pro.’’

Do you think that some problems are meant to be left alone, otherwise they’d get more serious? Do you turn to professional help at times or do you insist on handling everything yourself?

Preview photo credit ttchip/Imgur, sloppygrizzly/Reddit


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