12 Mysterious Items That Were Easily Cracked by Web Detectives

6 months ago

In the quiet corners of our everyday lives, mysterious little things linger, shrouded in enigma and intrigue. Yet, in the age of digital connectivity, a unique solution emerges—an avenue where the collective wisdom of the internet converges: Reddit. A virtual detective agency of sorts, Reddit users, armed with diverse perspectives and a passion for solving puzzles, willingly delve into the unknown.

1. “Little black device with some odd vent-like holes I found stuck to my vehicle.”

Answer: It’s a microphone for a hands-free car phone (could be a Bluetooth one to connect to your phone).

2. “I know this is a chair, but what are the rods in the arms for? They go in and out and are made of metal.”

Answer: I have encountered these in some older homes in my area. They hold a tray that can be used to do anything you can really do on a flat surface.

3. “Plastic bottles on poles arranged as an X”

Answer: It’s an obstruction to keep people off the grass. The pipes were used in a “use what you have” kind of sense, and the bottles were on top to keep the rain from getting into the tubes.

4. “This carbon steel rod type thing (the tag is aluminium pretty sure) that holds two metal marbles.”

Answer: Knife sharpener. They don’t work well.

5. “Set of 9 wooden balls. 4 black, 4 brown, and one smaller brown ball.”

Answer: Lawn bowling set. I should say more likely bocce. Italian lawn bowling.

6. “Red and black glass thing, wide flat base, hollow inside with a thin flat top.”

Answer: Definitely, a drop-out art glass vase. Often times the wide rim would be cut off, allowing it to stand upright.

7. “A silver spoon with ‘top’ part?”

Answer: Seems to be a medicine spoon.

8. “Can be used for wood working, been in my family garage for years. Is it a type of nut?”

Answer: Banksia pod.

9. “Mysterious rounded/wavy edge refrigerator compartments — How do I use these correctly?”

Answer: I think it’s for round condiment bottles. The neck faces out.

10. “A mysterious rock/fossil that’s been in the family since my great great great uncle plowed it up when farming.”

Answer: This is almost certainly the remains of gypsum-filled mud cracks, a gypsum cast or mold. Gypsum-filled mud cracks are well known by geologists, and found in ancient evaporate lake depots, but it’s rare to see one weathered out like this specimen.

11. “Metal bars embedded into the end of the driveway. I’ve never seen them used.”

Answer: It looks sort of like a bollard mounting point, used if you don’t want people parking in your drive when you’re away.

12. “What is this metal box under each seat on the plane.”

Answer: I believe it’s some of the equipment for the in-flight entertainment.

In the realm of the mysterious, the Internet becomes a digital oracle, providing a platform for the curious to seek solutions, unravel the inexplicable, and unveil the secrets hidden in the shadows. If you have a question, just ask Redditors.

Preview photo credit jadbronson / Reddit


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