15+ People Who Stopped Hiding the Gorgeous Hair They Inherited

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It’s the natural look that’s trendy today. Taking care of one’s health is more important than attractiveness, while haircare procedures shouldn’t cause harm. More and more men and women prefer to outline their natural beauty, whether they feature giant curls or gray locks.

Thanks to the people from our compilation, Bright Side was assured, once again, that natural hair can be way more beautiful than artificial wigs.

“4-year hair growth with no haircuts, not even trims.”

“35 with natural gray hair — decided after years of dyeing to let it grow out in 2020 and never looked back.”

“I’ve been growing my hair for 6 years.”

Natural curls

“Been growing for a few years, totally worth it!”

“Before I started to grow my hair and after”

“People don’t believe that this is my natural hair.”

“At first, I wanted to cut my hair by summer, but then changed my mind and don’t regret it a bit.”

“I had this idea of what an attractive young woman looked like, and blonde fit that. But I decided to go back to my natural hair color.”

“I’m 40 — do I look like the old dude who is trying to stay young? I’m really just chill and kind of like the shaggy look.”

“I’ve been growing my hair for 1.5 years.”

“My wife has natural highlights in her hair.”

“This is my natural hair color.”

“Just wanted to show off my gorgeous (naturally) curly hair.”

“A friend always tells me to cut it, but I’m a rebel and don’t want short hair like every other guy.”

Being so gray at the age of 38 made me feel old. But getting more and more compliments has helped me embrace it.”

Do you prefer a more natural look? How do you treat your hair to help it stay healthy and beautiful?

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