20+ Pics That Can Make Your Inner Perfectionist Bloom

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We often hear that perfectionists set unrealistically high expectations. The need for symmetry, order, and balance is indeed not easy to satisfy. Sometimes we have to wait for an ideal moment, and other times we’re the ones who can make it perfect. However, the following scenes can serve as proof that the perfection we strive for is not unreachable.

At Bright Side, we know how hard being a perfectionist sometimes is. Because of that, we made a selection of 15 pictures that are so perfect, they’ll give you goosebumps.

1. “So my girlfriend went to a butterfly farm.”

2. Perfectly camouflaged flip-flops

3. Perfect symmetry can even be found at the train station.

4. This plate looks like it was made to perfectly fit waffles.

5. This is how every latte would look in an ideal world.

6. “The perfect symmetry of this plant”

7. “This perfect pancake I made today.”

8. “That was so perfectly aligned, I thought that someone painted my car.”

9. You can’t call yourself a book lover if you don’t arrange your books by color.

10. “The sun aligned perfectly with the road when I came home.”

11. “My pound cake was symmetrical.”

12. “Sat on a bench outside an office and noticed my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.”

13. This dahlia won first place at the fair, and it’s obvious why.

14. “We got our eggs from a local farmer — a satisfying arrangement.”

15. “A piece of brick that fits PERFECTLY into my hand”

16. The cut is so symmetrical that it looks like a mirror image.

17. “Rainbow from window lines up perfect on stove”.

18. A perfect fit.

19. A symmetrical reflection.

20. A heart-shaped potato.

21. “Perfect snow poff”.

22. “Was fishing the Ohio and noticed some perfect symmetry”.

Do you have any pictures that satisfy your inner perfectionist? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit flickerdown/reddit, brobinnen/reddit


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