7 Pics Proving Fashion Trends Always Make a Comeback

2 years ago

If you feel like you’re strolling down memory lane every time you shop for clothes or browse through social media, you’re not alone. The fashion trends of the past may have gone at some point but believe it or not, they do come back one way or another.

In this article, Bright Side lists some of the clothing trends that, no matter the time it took them, they always make a comeback.

1. Baggy pants

Everything went big and loose during the 90s — including pants. Here’s teenage Kim Kardashian in baggy pants looking all comfy and hip. Thirty years later, it seems like the baggy pants trend is back as seen in celebrities like Hailey Bieber sporting the look paired with a cropped sweatshirt and bucket hat.

2. Colored sunglasses

Tinted glasses were first seen in the ’60s and ’70s, most notably worn by musician Elton John. Twenty years later, ’90s personalities such as Justin Timberlake, who was then part of the boyband NSYNC, took on the trend. The trend re-emerged in the 2020s as brought about by influences in TikTok and Y2K fashion.

3. Overalls

Denim overalls were all the rage in the ’90s but no one does it like TLC with bright colored hues. Fast forward to 2016, Ariana Grande came in looking like the fourth member of TLC in spot-on ’90s denim overall loose pants.

4. Oversized shirts

Oversized shirts aren’t just for bedtime anymore. Once trending in the ’90s, the oversized shirt trend is back, and it looks like it’s here to stay. From statement shirts to white button-downs to graphic t-shirts and loose-fitting tops, going oversized offers style versatility and comfort.

5. Beehive hair

First appearing in the 1960s, the beehive hair was created by Chicago stylist Margaret Vince Heldt. She was inspired by a velvet fez that had beaded decorations that looked like bees. After the ’60s, this style was worn most famously in the 2000s by Amy Winehouse. Twenty years later, Dua Lipa is seen sporting the hive at the 2021 Brit Awards.

6. Cardigans

Named after British army general the 7th Earl of Cardigan James Thomas Brudenell, this practical knitwear was first worn in the 1800s to keep warm during the war. Since then, the cardigan was worn outside of the military and was mass-produced. Perhaps we can attribute the versatility and practicality that this type of knitwear offers. Cardigans can be good for layering for cold weather and can also be a nice statement piece for the summer and spring seasons.

7. Fanny packs

It may seem that this bag is a mere throwback from the ’80s or ’90s, but the truth is, it has been around far earlier, which can be traced back to a 5,000-year-old hiker named Otzi the Iceman. Through the years, the fanny pack has had different names such as “belt/waist bags” and “bum bags.” Whatever the name, we can most likely attribute its recurring comeback for practicality and usability.

Which trend can you relate to the most? Can you think of other trends that made a comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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