20+ Photos That Will Charge You With Positive Vibes and Upgrade Your Mood

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Even a mere smile can trick your brain into happiness, boost your energy, and lower stress. It’s a very powerful “chemical” that really can make you feel better in the blink of an eye. And hopefully, today, we can have free, endless access to these treasures.

We at Bright Side have found some cheerful and enthusiastic people to help you enjoy your day and take only the best from this world.

1. “My kid is so much cooler than I am.”

2. “This calf had quite the reaction to me petting her.”

3. “So my family bought ducks and my dog decided to be the mother.”

4. “My 2-year-old insists I roll her up like a burrito every day.”

5. “I had the honor of escorting my virtual student today to his graduation.”

6. “Saw a cloud riding on a bike in Vietnam.”

7. “A 3-year-old playing with her 93-year-old great-grandpa”

8. “My mom loves feeding the squirrels. Upgraded from a charcuterie board to a full picnic table.”

9. “The way my rescue cat looks at me while I read — I love her so much it hurts.”

10. “My baby’s first pow-wow”

11. “This guy made a bag for his pet rooster.”

12. “15 years ago, I almost didn’t graduate from high school. Today, I finished my master’s degree. This little dude is my ’why.’”

13. “My 94-year-old grandpa asked if I thought he’d look good with hair as long as mine. I think he’d look GREAT!”

14. “A chunky chipmunk wanted me to share sunflower seeds with him.”

15. “Today she said Mac is her favorite regular.”

16. “I haven’t been on a bicycle in years but took my puppy for a ride for the first time! He loved it!”

17. “Line up and say, ’Cheese!’”

18. “I did it!”

19. “Watching Vivo with the little one while my wife makes cookies. Mmmm...”

20. “Riding a pony like a pro”

21. “So, my son tried to woo Cinderella while we were in Disney World.”

22. “Took my kid to the zoo.”

23. “Don’t mind me and my hoodie kitten.”

24. “My daughter with dyslexia reading to a therapy dog. Good boy doesn’t judge.”

How do you spend your free time these days? Is there a place that provides joy and happiness to you and your loved ones? Please tell us in the comments below. And don’t forget to attach some photos!

Preview photo credit BrickTamlandsTrident / Reddit


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