People Share 20 Progress Pics That Show How Weight Loss Can Change Your Face

2 years ago

Body changes are probably the first thing we think about when it comes to weight loss. In fact, facial changes can sometimes be the most striking change, and the heroes of our article know this very well. On a Reddit thread devoted to weight loss progress, people shared before and after collages with their faces. And the difference some of these photos show is so striking, we had a feeling we were looking at 2 different people.

We at Bright Side picked 20 of the most impressive and inspiring face gain collages people posted on Reddit, and here they are.

1. “Selfie vs selfie face gains!”

2. “Still on a long journey; trying to appreciate the gains I’ve already made!”

3. “Small steps into my 100-lb weight loss goal, 20 weeks progress!”

4. “Face gains! I don’t have to worry about having a double chin in photos now.”

5. We are amazed by these results.

6. “Bummed by a plateau, but celebrating these face gains!”

7. “I’ve never been more proud of my body in my life.”

8. “June 2020 to July 2021; I don’t recognize that girl anymore.”

9. The difference is very vivid.

10. “101 pounds lost since March 15, 2020.”

11. It’s like we’re looking at 2 different people.

12. What persistence and hard work can do

13. “2 years face gains”

14. “Face gains are the best surprise.”

15. We give a round of applause to this guy’s hard work!

16. “36 months, face gains”

17. “Face gains from my highest weight vs now!”

18. “Face gains! Also learned what my eyebrows should really look like!”

19. “And I have some collarbones now...”

20. “There’s still more to go, but now I know it’s attainable.”

Whose face gains amazed you the most?

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Preview photo credit Suzemaguze315/Reddit


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