Kate Middleton Shares a Photo on Princess Charlotte’s Birthday, People Spot the Same Thing

2 months ago

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is celebrating her daughter Charlotte's 9th birthday! She shared a sweet photo she took and shared it with the fans. As people poured in birthday wishes for young Charlotte, many noticed the same thing about the photo.

East News, AP/East News

A recent portrait of Princess Charlotte has been shared, captured by her mother, to celebrate her turning nine. The royal family expressed their gratitude for the warm wishes received, stating: “Happy 9th Birthday, Princess Charlotte! Thank you for all of the kind messages today.”

Catherine has often mentioned that Charlotte has a bold personality, even more so than her brother George, calling her “the one in charge”. The birthday photo was taken at Windsor recently.

While the princess looks radiant and beautiful in the portrait, many fans pointed out that as she's growing up, she's starting to look more and more like her father Prince William. "William said copy and paste, hahaha," commented a person. "William with long hair", added another.

Kate Middleton is currently battling cancer. She and Prince William released an update regarding her condition. Read it here.

Preview photo credit East News, princeandprincessofwales / Instagram


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