Nicki Minaj Says She Regrets Her Plastic Surgeries After Taking a Look at Her Oldest Photos

7 months ago

Nicki Minaj expressed remorse regarding some of her past decisions on plastic surgery. The 40-year-old rapper shared her regrets during a recent podcast interview.

Minaj advised listeners that altering one’s body through surgical means often leads to eventual reflections on self-acceptance. She admitted, “I guarantee you, if you change anything on your body and do anything surgical and all this, you’re going to — more than likely, not definitely, more than likely — look back one day and say, ’I was fine just the way I was.’”

During the interview, which celebrated Minaj’s cover story for Vogue’s November issue, the co-hosts brought up a past moment when she attended the Carolina Herrera Show with Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour in September 2011. Minaj confessed that she avoids looking at older photos of herself because she didn’t like her appearance at that time.

The rapper elaborated on her past dissatisfaction, explaining, “I didn’t like being skinny.” She acknowledged that her perspective shifted over time, realizing that she now appreciates her former physical self.

Minaj attributed her inclination for alterations to the pressures of her public persona in the intense spotlight of fame. The Starships rapper described the environment as “very scary” and akin to a “fish bowl,” with millions of people observing her every move.

RE/Westcom/ / East News

The birth of Minaj’s 3-year-old son, publicly known as “Papa Bear,” played a pivotal role in changing her self-perception. Reflecting on pregnancy, she said, “I think pregnancy could’ve played a role because seeing my son did remind me of myself so much. My real self.”

While Minaj didn’t delve into specific details about her enhancements in the interview, she had previously mentioned on The Joe Budden Podcast in March 2022 that she had “never had surgery.”

Preview photo credit nickiminaj / Instagram, RE/Westcom/ / East News


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