13 Before and After Photos of Celebrities Who Chose to Do Cosmetic Surgery

6 months ago

Cosmetic procedures have gained popularity in Hollywood as celebrities increasingly seek surgical and non-surgical treatments to enhance their appearance. We analyze the transformations of 12 celebrities, showcasing how these cosmetic enhancements impact their looks, from subtle changes to dramatic makeovers. Discover the fascinating results!

1. Janice Dickinson

© janicedickinson / Instagram, Martin Harris / Capital Pictures / EAST NEWS

2. Ray Liotta

© Ralph Dominguez / MediaPunch / Alamy, Xavier Collin / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

3. Joan Van Ark

Album Online/East News, AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN/East News

4. Donatella Versace

EAST NEWS, Invision/Invision/East News

5. Kim Novak

Columbia Pictures/Collection Christophel/East News, © Frank Trapper / Corbis Entertainment / Getty Images

What’s with the mouth? It reminds me of a South Park character where they have a flip top head 😂


6. Mickey Rourke

Mary Evans/AF Archive/Graham Whitby Boot/East News, Broadimage/EAST NEWS

7. Melanie Griffith

Mary Evans/AF Archive/Graham Whitby Boot/East News, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

8. Lara Flynn Boyle


9. Priscilla Presley

Oscar Abolafia/Everett Collection/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

10. Lil’ Kim

Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/East News, Steven Ferdman/Everett Collection/East News

11. Meg Ryan

Album Online/East News, ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News

12. Sylvester Stallone

© Rocky / Chartoff-Winkler Productions and co-producers, Evan Agostini / Invision / East News

13. Crissy Teigen

LCLA / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News, Jordan Strauss / Invision /AP / Invision / East News

It’s essential to acknowledge the potential consequences that come with the plastic surgery procedure. On the flip side, numerous celebrities proudly hail plastic surgery as their life-changing decision.

Preview photo credit Oscar Abolafia/Everett Collection/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News


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Lil' Kim is the only one who doesn't look absolutely destroyed, and she looks like AI! idk why people still get this much plastic surgery


They should all be pinups for why you should avoid plastic surgery 🤯


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