“Tired and Aged,” Doctor Explains What Happened to Jennifer Aniston’s Face

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Jennifer Aniston has sparked speculation and concern among her fans about her changed appearance. Experts weigh in on what might have happened, with some suggesting botched cosmetic procedures as the cause. In this article, a doctor explains why the 55-year-old actress looks different.

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Jennifer ignited plastic surgery rumors when she appeared on the red carpet in Los Angeles last weekend to promote her TV show. The 55-year-old actress appeared to have a swollen area below her left eye and noticeably puffier lips.

A plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Devine, suggested that her new appearance might be the result of a botched cosmetic procedure, describing it as “filler gone wrong”. He explained that the likely cause is an excessive amount of gel-like substance injected into the tear trough, the area between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

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Dr. Richard Devine also added, “The filler is projecting so much that it is actually causing these shadows to form around the eyes and these deep ridges in the mid-cheek, which is actually making her look more tired and aged.”


The surgeon continued, “She has some swelling under her left eye, and that is probably swelling after having fillers there at some point. That can happen after just doing them once, or doing them repeatedly, and at 55 I think it is naïve to suggest she hasn’t dabbled there.”

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

Reactions to Jennifer Aniston’s altered appearance have been varied. One person said, “I can’t recognize her anymore.” Another commented, “It’s really sad that Jennifer Aniston thinks she needs work done.” A third person added, “Jennifer Aniston has always been a beautiful woman. I don’t understand why these women destroy themselves instead of aging gracefully.”

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Have u noticed? That just about everybody who has plastic surgery, all end up looking alike? I applaud those who would rather keep their individuality, and stand out from the crowd.


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