At 61, Meg Ryan Makes a Rare Public Appearance and Looks Unrecognizable

year ago

At 61 years old, Meg Ryan made her first public outing in 6 months. She was seen at the screening of Michael J. Fox’s documentary, supporting her old friend. She looked unrecognizable compared to her previous appearances.

Meg Ryan, who has consistently denied undergoing any plastic surgery or enhancements, showcased wrinkle-free skin, a plumper pout, and her trademark blonde locks.

Over the years, the appearance of the Golden Globe nominee has changed significantly, fueling numerous rumors about whether or not she has undergone any cosmetic procedures.

When asked about the speculation surrounding her plastic surgery, she stated in an interview, “I don’t pay a lot of attention, frankly.”

Focusing on building her family, Ryan is almost entirely absent from the public eye. She adopted a child and is a single mom of 2.

There’s no doubt that Meg Ryan is an inspiration for us all. She chooses to look beyond people’s judgments in all aspects of her life and refuses to let public opinion define who she truly is.


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