20 Rooms That Only Needed a Small Change to Become Super Cozy

2 years ago

Moving furniture, painting, and redecorating — sometimes “reviving” a room may not be as difficult and expensive as we imagine. It’s just a matter of getting down to work. Many people redecorate rooms in their homes and then happily share the results with everyone online.

Bright Side brings you a collection of real rooms that were completely improved by their owners thanks to a little work and a lot of love.

1. “A dirty garage loft to secret parent getaway”

2. “Before and after: living room renovation, 29 years old in Georgia”

3. “Living room, before and after”

4. “Before/after I moved into my husband’s apartment”

5. “Before and after: the lounge when I bought this house and now 😁”

6. “The paint and new handles made a big difference in our kitchen!”

7. “I bought a new rug and decorated my living room.”

8. “Before and after of my old office”

9. “Turned a blank wall into this.”

10. “Asked about what to do with a huge wall in my loft apartment. Ended up going with a gallery wall, plus a random barrel.”

11. “A little before and after of our laundry room! Still have some finishing touches to add/take away, but we’re getting there!”

12. “My dining/plant room”

13. “Before and after of my living room — still in search of the perfect coffee table, but I’m happy with the transformation so far!”

14. “Really happy with how this came together!”

15. “My new cozy little corner!!”

16. “Before and after, guest bathroom”

17. “My colorful, cozy work nook”

18. The living room paint job in my new home (self-done, before/after)!"

19. “Bathroom DIY upgrade, before and after”

20. “Big kid room”

Which room in your house would you like to redecorate? Tell us, what changes would you like to make?

Preview photo credit coshik / Reddit


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