20+ Animals That Found Homes and Gave Their New Owners Tons of Love

3 years ago

Every homeless pet dreams of having a reliable owner that will love them and take care of them. When these pets finally find a home and get their fair share of love and care, they change beyond recognition — both in terms of health and how they behave and feel.

We at Bright Side start to feel much better when we find out that there are more and more happy adopted animals. So, here we are with new stories!

“I adopted the saddest-looking cat at the shelter 3 years ago.”

Husband: “What if the dog we adopt isn’t cuddly?” One week later...

“This little cutie climbed up on me while I applied to adopt her.”

A happy doggo 10 minutes after getting adopted

“Nearly a year ago, someone dumped this sweetheart in the road and luckily I found her before she was hit by a car. Now look at my sweet kitty!”

“Rescued this kitty, and my sister held him while road tripping to his new home.”

“This is Alfred. I adopted him at 2.5 years old. The woman at the adoption center informed me that kittens are 15x more likely to be adopted.”

This adopted pit bull can’t stop hugging his new owner.

You can see all the emotions on her face.

This rescued good girl wants all the love.

“My dog discovering our bed on his first day home after being rescued from the shelter”

“Rescued this 15-year-old, toothless, derpy little nugget 2 days ago.”

“One month of being adopted, already my best bud!”

“Meet Olive. She was rescued from some bushes.”

“Bob, rescued off the street, coming at you weighing in at 3 whole entire pounds”

Photos taken 3 weeks apart

“This is Freddy, I rescued him 8 years ago and this is his way of telling me he loves me.”

“Rescued this guy from a family that moved away and left him on the porch with an unopened bag of dog food.”

“I rescued a pregnant stray cat, and she has already made herself at home!”

“My wife and I rescued these 2 brothers on Monday. I think it’s safe to say they are adjusting nicely.”

“After weeks of visiting, we were finally able to adopt this beautiful old gentleman yesterday, who has just turned 10!”

“My little rescue dog breaks my heart. He still can’t get over the fact that he has his very own bowl.”

Have you ever taken pets from the street or adopted one from a shelter? Share the photos of your pets!

Preview photo credit ErUpstairs / Twitter


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