A Famous Actor Took Care of His 86-Year-Old Neighbor and Nursed Her Until Her Final Moment

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When 2 souls meet, an unlikely friendship blossoms between them, and we can only say, “Age is truly just a number.” Meet Chris Salvatore, an American actor, model, and singer. He is well known for the movie series, Eating Out, where he played Zack, but his most phenomenal role was being a caretaker for his sick 89-year-old neighbor, Norma.

Bright Side wants to tell you a heartwarming story, proving that this world is blessed with kind and generous people that are willing to sacrifice for others.

1. They met by pure chance.

We don’t know if you believe in fate, but some people really serve some higher purpose in our lives. The story between Chris, a Hollywood superstar, and his elderly neighbor, Norma, begins quietly — she used to live across the hall from Chris. They were only acquaintances, but one day the actor decided to invite the lady over for a chat. “She just seemed so sweet, and it was like this immediate friendship,” he told The Today Show in an interview.

2. They became best friends.

Well, you can call it a coincidence, but the pair met each other at a very important time in both of their lives. Chris was going through some dark times and absolutely needed the support and companionship Norma offered. He recalls having a breakup at that time and her being a very supportive and caring individual with whom he could share his struggles. The unlikely duo had endless conversations about love, life, and fashion while doing fun BFF activities, like cooking together.

3. Norma’s illness

Unfortunately, Norma was having a tough battle herself. 10 years prior, she was diagnosed with leukemia, and she had extended periods of time when she was in and out of the hospital until her last visit to the doctor when he gave her some shocking news. Norma wanted to go out gracefully on her own terms and refused more treatments, and the doctor agreed to let her go home only under one condition: if she had 24-hour home care. This was a huge problem for her because she didn’t have any family in the area, however, this is the time when Chris stepped in to take care of his best friend.

4. Together till the end

Taking her home was not an easy decision for Chris, but he knew he would absolutely do anything for his soulmate. First, he had to become Norma’s primary caretaker and figure out how to take care of her enormous medical expenses. So he decided to start a GoFundMe page to raise money for the cause. The young man was blessed with a supportive community and managed to raise over $77,000.

5. Chris took care of her.

Switching from the role of her best friend to her primary caregiver was a hard change for the young actor, but with his warm and compassionate heart, he managed to fill these shoes. Chris shared that he felt lucky to be by her side during her final hours. He truly believes kindness heals, and we all have a universal calling to be supportive and understanding of the struggles of others. The actor reminds us that being the light in someone else’s life lights your own path too, and there is nothing stronger than pure love.

6. Saying goodbye

Sadly, Norma has since passed away, but her spirit lives on — one of connection, care, and love for others. Of course, it was hard for Chris to say goodbye, but he knew the moments they shared together were priceless and no force in the universe could take that away.

Please take inspiration from the story of Chris and do something kind to a friend, relative, or a complete stranger today.


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