I Asked My Date to Pay for Dry Cleaning Because He Ruined My Dress

6 months ago

Blind dating is full of surprises — some meet the love of their life, while others still wake up soaked in sweat remembering their last blind date. Our reader probably still shudders at the thought of an awkward date that at first seemed perfect.

Our reader asked us for help.

Thank you for getting in touch with us! We have some advice for you that might help you resolve the situation.

Move on.

It’s totally fine for blind and even regular dates to go wrong. Admit that the date wasn’t successful this time and let it go. It’s life, and such things happen all the time, and not only to you. You can even benefit from this situation.

Now you know what kind of a person your date is and how he handles unexpected situations. Luckily, you won’t have to waste your time on someone who already has shown some red flags. He made some unpleasant comments about you, which he could have avoided saying.

Decide what truly matters to you.

Not every disagreement has to escalate. Choose your partners wisely and focus on what truly matters to you. You didn’t ask for too much, and you don’t have to feel guilty of that. You have the right to be respected, and his inappropriate behavior should make you doubt him as your future partner.

He put so many labels on you without actually getting to know you. Cut contact with him and don’t apologize.

Wear comfortable clothes.

It’s okay that you wanted to impress your date with your expensive dress. Still, you could have put on a cheaper one that wouldn’t have stressed you so much. In any case, what you did enjoy was your conversation, and if it hadn’t been for the dress, you would have had a nice date.

Clearly, it doesn’t justify his behavior and words, but next time you might want to consider wearing clothes that you won’t treat like a museum exhibit.

Keep looking.

Don’t let one negative experience discourage you from blind dating or dating in general. Each person is different, and there are plenty of opportunities to meet someone who aligns with your values and interests. Take care of yourself, treat yourself kindly, and focus on activities that make you happy.

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