I Checked Our Security Camera After My Mother-in-Law Babysat for Us

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2 weeks ago

It’s quite common for conflicts to arise between a married woman and her mother-in-law. Preserving an amicable relationship with your in-law while also prioritizing your own well-being is crucial for maintaining harmony within the family. Recently, a woman expressed feeling deeply upset after discovering that her MIL had been intervening behind her back within her own household. She reached out to Bright Side for advice and guidance on how to address this delicate situation.

Hi Kate, thank you for getting in touch. We empathize with the difficult situation you’re currently experiencing, and we’ve put together 5 pieces of advice to hopefully help you overcome this challenge.

Set Boundaries and Consequences.

It’s essential to establish clear boundaries with your MIL regarding your daughter’s diet and your household values. Communicate these boundaries assertively but respectfully. Clearly outline the consequences of disregarding these boundaries, such as limited visitation or supervised interactions. Consistency is key in enforcing these boundaries to protect your family’s integrity.

Reevaluate Trust and Safety Measures.

Given the breach of trust and disregard for your daughter’s well-being, it’s crucial to reassess the safety measures in place when leaving your child in someone else’s care. Explore alternative childcare options that align with your values and prioritize your daughter’s health and safety. Reiterate the importance of respecting your parenting choices to all potential caregivers.

Seek Family Counseling.

Consider seeking the assistance of a family counselor to navigate the complexities of your relationship with your MIL. A neutral third party can help facilitate constructive communication and provide insights into underlying issues. Family therapy can also aid in establishing healthier dynamics and fostering understanding between all parties involved.

Prioritize Your Family’s Well-Being.

Ultimately, prioritize the well-being of your immediate family unit above external pressures or obligations. Assess the impact of maintaining contact with your MIL on your emotional health and familial harmony. While cutting off contact may seem drastic, it might be necessary to protect your family from further harm. Work together with your husband to determine the best course of action for your family’s happiness and security.

Communicate Clearly With Your Husband.

Sit down with your husband and express your feelings openly. Ensure he understands the gravity of the situation and how deeply hurt you are by your MIL’s actions. Emphasize the importance of unified decision-making in this matter, and seek his support in finding a resolution that prioritizes your family’s well-being.

Lately, another woman has been deeply distressed due to a difficult situation involving her mother-in-law’s interference. Unfortunately, in her case, the lack of support from her husband caused her significant emotional strain.


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while i believe that a "vegetables only" diet is wrong, disobeying guardians clear instructions on handling its charge ESPECIALLY DIETARY RESTRICTIONS should be a crime punished by death (or worse if it were possible)

further, anyone so callus as to "immediately" disobeying ESPECIALLY WHEN ADEQUATE NUTRITION was available in the refrigerator .... NEVER ALLOW THE TWO EVER TO BE ALONE WITH YOUR CHILD... not even to answer the door.... and i would ban then both from ALL your properties... meet in neutral ground, never anywhere they own, (they already feel entitled to sabatoge your lifestyle ... why would you go somewhere they are allowed to put restrictions to be there?)


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