I Read My Wife’s Diary and Found Out About Her Secret Pregnancy

3 months ago

I stumbled upon my wife’s hidden diary while rummaging through the attic of her parents’ house one day. Tucked away under a pile of dusty old items, it seemed like it had been untouched for ages. Curious, I decided to take a peek inside, expecting to uncover some typical teenage drama. But what I found inside was nothing like I anticipated.

Buried beneath layers of old memories, I spotted a worn-out diary peeking through the dusty mess.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the diary. It started with «Dear Diary, today I felt some weird vibes in my gut.» Then it hit me — she was pregnant! I was shocked. How could she keep such a big secret from me?

As I flipped through the pages, I discovered Sarah’s innermost thoughts and feelings — her worries, her dreams, her challenges. Then, I stumbled upon something unexpected: the name Emily. Sarah wrote about Emily with so much love, but I had never heard of her. It turns out, Emily was our daughter, a revelation that left me completely stunned.

I was overwhelmed by a rush of emotions — surprise, frustration, and bewilderment all surged through me at once.

Rushing downstairs, I shoved the diary into Sarah’s hands, my voice shaky with feeling. «What’s going on, Sarah?» I asked, my heart racing. «Who’s Emily? And why didn’t you talk to me about her?»

As Sarah gazed at the diary, tears brimmed in her eyes, conveying a depth of emotion that words alone couldn’t express. In that silent moment, the air felt heavy with tension, punctuated only by the sound of our unsettled breathing.

After a long pause, Sarah’s voice broke the silence, barely audible as she began to speak.

«I never wanted to hide it from you, sweetheart. I was afraid and unsure, and I thought I was making the right choice for all of us,» Sarah explained softly. It was like a revelation to me. I suddenly saw my wife in a whole new light, realizing she had her own worries and kept her own secrets.

«Sarah, can you explain who Emily is?» I asked gently, my tone reflecting my worry and puzzlement. «And where is she now?»

Sarah’s eyes filled with tears as she glanced up at me, her face showing a blend of sorrow and remorse.

Sarah’s voice was barely audible as she revealed, «Emily is our daughter, Jack.» Her words hit me like a shockwave. «I gave her up for adoption when I was younger,» she continued softly. «I believed it was the right choice back then.»

I was stunned. «Our daughter?» I echoed, trying to comprehend the enormity of her confession. «Why didn’t you share this with me before?»

Sarah paused, visibly distressed, her voice quivering with emotion. «I was terrified, Jack,» she confessed, her vulnerability evident. «Terrified of losing you, terrified of your reaction. I hoped that by keeping it hidden, it would somehow disappear. But it hasn’t. And now, it’s all out in the open.»

Anger surged through me.

I was overwhelmed with heartache, as if a powerful wave of emotion had crashed over me, threatening to engulf me completely. The trust and honesty that formed the core of our marriage suddenly felt fragile, and I wondered if we could ever rebuild what seemed to be shattered beyond repair.

As the reality sank in, I was engulfed by a wave of anger and disbelief. «Sarah, how could you keep something like this from me?» I asked, my voice echoing in the silence around us. «Why did you hide such an important part of our lives from me?»

As I voiced my questions, I realized that no explanation Sarah could offer would heal the hurt caused by her actions. In that moment of quiet devastation, it became clear that our marriage had been forever changed by the revelation.


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Such an IMMENSE thing to keep! Your own daughter!? Who knows where she is?

I don't think such a marriage would last beyond that moment, if that were me.


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