20 People Who Wanted a Cozy Hotel Room but Reality Shook Their Expectations

3 years ago

When booking a room in a hotel, we expect to get a nice room with white bedsheets and a beautiful view from the window. But as a rule, expectations don’t always meet reality and we often happen to find curious “surprises” in these rentals, which would only be good if they were some kind of practical joke.

Bright Side decided to publish the stories of people who know what having a loss of words is like when they first see the room they booked.

“Upon entering the hotel room, we saw this. Hotel cleaner made this piece of crocodile art with towels, a remote, and 2 bottle caps.”

“My view from the famous and expensive Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas”

“I don’t know whose view is worse.”

“Found this hilarious little gem in my hotel room. I don’t quite understand the logic behind this.”

“I went to open the bathroom door in my hotel room and...”

“Believe it or not, this is my room at an upscale hotel.”

The view from my 65th floor “Grand Times Square View” hotel room.

“The shower in the hotel room I booked for the whole next week”

“Staying at a hotel. Woke up to this.”

Here’s what $25 worth of room service looks like:

“My hotel offers a kettle to use — but has a folder with rules. One of them says you have to pay a fine if you use the kettle.”

This hotel water bottle

The door stop at my hotel — I present the “Toe Buster 5000.”

“The mirror in my hotel room lets anyone look in on the bed, even with the curtains closed.”

“This hotel room I lived in while in Prague”

“My 5-star hotel has these coffee cups that looked as if someone had used them before me.”

“Hairdryer and shower combo in my hotel”

“Room service at the hotel I’m staying at... I was so excited too.”

“I was promised a hotel room with an ocean view. Well technically they didn’t lie, but something is definitely wrong here.”

“My hotel gave me a room that’s under construction.”

Have you ever gotten “surprises” like these from hotels? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit phlebonaut / Reddit


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Maybe I don't understand because I'm not that tall but man is it so hard to just use the handle and shower yourself while holding the thing against the body part you wanna wash?


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