Why Japanese Families Have So Few Babies Nowadays

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2 years ago

Even if you live in a Western country, we can all relate to the struggle of creating a family, and young Japanese families are no exception to this current issue. Society in Japan is facing new situations that decrease the chance of having more babies because younger couples cannot afford it. This translates into a society that’s getting older pretty quickly.

We at Bright Side found out the reasons behind the idea of having fewer babies, how technology is having a great impact on things, and how Japanese youth are adjusting to it.

1. It’s expensive for young couples to marry and have children.

Having children in Japan is an expensive thing to do. However, it goes beyond financial reasons. Even though Japanese governments have improved paternity leave and the daycare system with more hours over the last decades, things are not improving.

Birth rates in Japan are getting lower and lower. Young married couples cannot afford to have children simply because their never-ending jobs are simply incompatible with parenting.

2. Men are struggling to find good steady jobs.

Men are often seen as the breadwinners in Japan. And when you add that to the fact that having a permanent job is becoming more difficult, there are fewer married couples. Parents may be opposed to throwing a wedding if the couple has irregular jobs.

Young men are feeling the pressure because, according to Japanese culture, they are supposed to get a permanent job right after they graduate. If they don’t succeed, they’re seen as a failure to society.

3. Work is taking a toll on them.

Japanese people are very committed to their work. They’re used to working long hours, so they leave very early in the morning and come back home at midnight. Taking a day off may seem like a bad choice because it may show that they’re not committed enough to the job.

Because of this, not enough people are experiencing romance due to work fatigue. It’s leading to young people losing interest in romantic relationships with a lack of desire.

4. Women choose careers over marriage and children.

Japan used to have a male dominant society. Men used to be providers and women ended up taking care of the family at home. The government is set up to change that by letting go of old gender roles so that the birth rate rises.

Thanks to this development, more women in Japan work hard at a career and are able to find a regular job, leaving marriage and babies for later. However, they can still face lots of criticism if they choose to have a family and a career.

5. Men are living in a fantasy world.

Japanese youth, especially young men, are surrounded by anime, manga, and the last technology. If you mix all 3 things together, you’ll likely end up on a dating app. As it turns out, creating virtual manga girlfriends is quite popular for lonely young men. Some of them can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, but others no longer can.

One thing is certain: virtual girlfriends may be perfect but they have also created impossible standards for real-life relationships. However, they’re not able to offer warmth, romance, or babies.

Did your plans for a family change once you entered adult life? How does stress from work impact your future family plans?


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