15 National Costumes of the Miss Universe Contest With Powerful Backgrounds, Ranked

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Each Miss Universe contest has a section with national costumes that give the competitors a chance to wear an outfit that they feel represents their home country. For viewers, it can be both breathtaking (after all, clothes are a huge part of what makes Miss Universe) and educational. We picked and ranked 15 of our favorite costumes.

15. Miss Kosovo

The costume is based on a marriage tradition in Kosovo. When a woman gets married, she is believed to be leaving the sad house behind, and no food is prepared for 3 days after that. The red handkerchief is placed on the bride’s face.

14. Miss Cayman Island

The blue iguana, a reptile indigenous to the Cayman Islands, inspired the costume. Iguanas almost went extinct, but efforts are being put into restoring their species. Just like iguanas, the outfit represents the resilience of Caymanians.

13. Miss Chile

The costume is inspired by Chile’s Atacama desert, where the flowers grow once a year, despite being one of the dryest deserts in the world. The outfit represents magical flowers, while the headdress symbolizes the sun.

12. Miss Nepal

This costume is a tribute to Shakti, which is believed to be a cosmic energy, female in aspect. The message of the ensemble is to remind women of their strength and that they are inexhaustible sources of energy.

11. Miss Dominican Republic

The costume was inspired by Dominican Republic’s national bird, the palmchat. It is made entirely out of recyclable materials and is meant to raise awareness about protecting the environment and animals in danger of extinction.

10. Miss Switzerland

This national costume celebrates chocolate in all of its variety. The bottom part of the dress is a purple color, which represents the fruit. The shoulders are a tribute to cocoa leaves, without which it’d be impossible to make chocolate.

9. Miss British Virgin Islands

White cedar is a national flower of the British Virgin Islands. They are often pink and can be found in clusters throughout the spring and summer.

8. Miss Colombia

The “phoenix queen” of Colombia’s outfit represented her country’s beautiful landscapes and breathtaking sunsets.

7. Miss El Salvador

El Salvador’s costume represents the long history of currency in the country. Colón was used as the country’s currency from 1892 to 2001 until the US dollar eventually replaced it. In 2021, El Salvador became the first country to accept bitcoin as its official currency.

6. Miss Nigeria

This look represents Ugo (Eagle) Masquerade centered around the ugo bird. The African eagle is highly respected; she embodies confidence as she lays her precious eggs.

5. Miss France

France’s look was a tribute to Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14. The feathers from head to toe represent the country’s national flag.

4. Miss Trinidad and Tobaco

The costume pays tribute to the country’s festival, which was born on necessity and pride. This event is known for participants’ colorful costumes and exuberant celebrations.

3. Miss Guatemala

Miss Guatemala’s costumes feature several aspects representing her country: the Mayan calendar, the Gran Jaguar pyramid, the Maya jaguar symbol, and parts of Guatemala’s national flower (monja blanca) and tree (Kapok tree).

2. Miss Indonesia

The costume was inspired by the Indonesian motto, “At sea, we are victorious”. Indonesians are said to be the world’s first sailors, so this look symbolizes the strong and steady course that will help navigate the modern world.

1. Miss Cameroon

The costume’s baskets represent Cameroon’s agricultural movement. The necklace features Mount Cameroon, which is an active volcano. The crown features the country’s map and flag colors.

Which costume is your favorite? What part of your culture can inspire a Miss Universe outfit?

Preview photo credit Miss Universe / YouTube


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