15 Pieces of Clothing That Made Us Blush With Shame

3 years ago

Fashion, what are you doing? Just stop it! Looking at some outfits makes us want to turn back time and wish that some creative ideas never came to life because seeing people wearing such clothes may be a real challenge. Well, everyone makes mistakes. It’s still possible to find overly creative clothes in stores and some people are happy to buy them. But if no harm has been done, why not laugh at some of these fashion mistakes?

We at Bright Side believe that fashion designers do their job trying to make the world a better place but there are some unprofessional people among them. And we want to support every person who had to deal with the second category. At the end of the article, you’ll find a couple of bonus points that prove that people who make toys sometimes don’t think while doing their job.

1. “My socks look like they’re soaked in sweat.”

2. These baby pants look like a thong.

3. These jeans cost $168.

4. The pattern on this shirt looks like mold.

5. When you bought a hat but it’s so big that it doesn’t even fit in the photo:

6. “I’m not going to wear that.”

7. “Wow, just have a look at the Eiffel Tower which is located in New York in Sweden.”

8. “I wanted to buy a sweatshirt today. My girl and I went to H&M and found this piece of clothing. It should only be used to mop the floor, in my opinion.”

9. This T-shirt is a nightmare for a perfectionist.

10. This is the women’s water polo team logo:

11. “This is exactly what I want to see on my shirt: someone else wearing a similar shirt.”

12. Hakuna Matata!

13. The h...

14. “I really don’t understand if I shouldn’t walk on pebbles or if this is just a bad design.”

15. “My wife is finally convinced that I know something about fashion.”

Bonus #1: This is a toy bun.

Bonus #2: The hair on this toy dog looks like its brain.

What do you think about people who do their job their own way? Tell us about it down below!

Preview photo credit Wimc / reddit


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