15+ Examples That Prove Designers’ Mistakes Can Make Us Suffer

11 months ago

It’s not a secret that some designers’ actions should be carefully monitored. Otherwise, they’ll create things that ought to be presented in exhibitions of madness! But even if you keep everything under control, you can miss something crucial that will cause unpleasant consequences. Like a glass dome on a lamp post that can become a magnifying glass and cause a fire, for example.

For those who love extreme sports

A ramp turning into a staircase

Mud flaps that blind you while driving

A toy that will result in many head and teeth injuries

A watering system

ikrok / pikabu

A door that should never be opened

A small pet or a child can easily fall down here.

A slide for children

A dome on this lamp is like a magnifying glass that burns grass when the sun shines through it.

If the train stops suddenly, passengers will collapse together with those seats.

arthik / pikabu

A race track at a school stadium

LIMONIUS / pikabu

A bike path with obstacles

A water stream that can really hurt you

Such patterns make it impossible to distinguish the stairs.

These windows reflect sunlight and scorch people and trees.

A fire exit you’ll never reach

Just an ordinary street in Kathmandu...

Have you ever seen dangerously designed things like these?

Please note: This article was updated in December 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit DoritoPup / reddit


that stair design must be done on purpose.. imagine if you need to carry something downstair. crazy deisnger ?

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