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We think it’s time to stop arguing about who actually runs the world because the answer is, of course, cats! Why else do you think they need their cute ears and smooth paws? Each kitty should be provided with food, lots of petting, and a box. Take a look at the best photos of cats inside boxes — we bet you’ll feel much happier afterward!

Bright Side devotes this article to cats who teach us how to spend our free time correctly.

22. The laws of physics say, “The box should be fully filled with a cat.”

21. “I requested a box in my cat’s room at a pet hotel. They sent me this update.”

20. Ancient evil was set free.

19. “Got a figurine and decided to put it on a shelf. This is what I saw when I returned.”

18. When your friend supports all your silly ideas:

17. Luxury housing

16. When you’ve gained some weight and your clothes don’t fit anymore:

15. The first toy and the first box

14. Just a kitten sleeping inside an iPhone box...

13. When your room is too small:

12. Never give up on your dreams. Even if you want to be a turtle.

11. Not enough space

10. When you’re naughty but you’re not going to be punished because, “Aww, have a look at these paws!”

9. Size doesn’t matter.

8. Caught red-handed!

7. Big cats also love boxes.

6. “You know, I do feel comfy.”

5. “I tried to make some waffles in a waffle maker. Results may vary.”

4. Box lesson

3. Such an obvious choice!

2. “My cat scratched a tail hole into her box.”

1. Apparently, he was a taxi driver in a past life.

Bonus: Let’s have a closer look at a black hole.

Does your cat like boxes? Share your pictures in the comment section so we can all enjoy them!

Preview photo credit phillhb / Reddit


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This banana milk house is so cute, I would like to sit there myself ?


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