25 Photos From Family Albums That Should Become Magazine Covers

4 years ago

It’s fascinating how photos can bring up memories and emotions, and the old-fashioned family albums do just that. Seeing the journey from the time our young parents met, till the time we were born, and even seeing other family members always brings memories and a smile to our faces.

Today we at Bright Side would like to share some of the most creative photos from family albums that should have become magazine covers.

1. My husband, living in Hawaii, late 70’s

2. My grandmother, stylish back in the ’60s

3. My mom in NYC, taken by my dad in the ’80s.

4. My parents in 1972. They met at 19, married at 20, and are still madly in love.

5. My mom in 1982, jumping on the ’80s look early.

6. My lovely grandparents, sometime in the ’60s

7. Here’s my stylish mom back in the ’80s.

8. My grandfather, Donald Helgemo, around WWII. I miss him so much.

9. My dad in the ’70s

10. My wife had style as a kid, South Korea, 1992.

11. My mom doing her 100th skydive in Russia from the ’80s

12. My great grandmother (1942)

13. My mom during the ’80s in France

14. My sassy grandma Florence in the ’50s

15. My dad in the ’80s

16. My dad in the ’50s. Today would have been his 91st birthday.

17. My mom in the early ’80s in Ghana. This was taken about 2 years before she met my dad.

18. My mom in the ’60s, one of the few pictures I have of her

19. My dad in the ’90s

20. The best photo of my mom, ever, from the 1980s in Hong Kong

21. My great-grandmother, 1940s

22. First love... Photo of my mother taken by my father in the late ’70s.

23. This is my life-long friend riding his dad’s Andalusian stallion in 1984.

24. My cute grandparents when they were dating in the 1950s. She was 17, he was 22.

25. My stunning mother showing off her stylish flare pants. Paris, 1973

Do you have any old photo albums of your family that you treasure? We’d love to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit redneckonomics / Reddit


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My dad in Japan, in 1945 as part of the Occupation Forces after the end of WWII. GI Joe Cool in those shades. Miss him.


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