Newlyweds Use Wedding Funds to Build a School in Africa

5 months ago

Lucas Rossi and Taina Pessoa, a newly married couple, chose not to have a wedding party. Instead, they used the funds they had set aside for their celebration to establish a school in Africa.

As they considered the expenses for food, music, and a wedding venue, Lucas Rossi and Taina Pessoa had a realization: those funds could be better used to benefit a larger number of people.

At that moment, they made a firm decision to cancel the wedding event and donate all the money they had planned to spend and receive. Taina Pessoa, who had previously been involved in various social missions in Africa, was well aware of the challenging living conditions in many communities on the continent.

“Being on the African continent to bring humanitarian aid responds to my purpose in life, the desire to collaborate, to help, to share, to alleviate suffering, and to improve the quality of life in common,” she said in an Instagram post.

The school is now operational, but the initial donation from Taina and Lucas is not sufficient to sustain it. Consequently, they are actively raising funds through social networks to ensure the ongoing financing of the project.

Taina also mentions some other difficulties: “Matuba has its peculiarities, isolated location, far from the capital of Mozambique, the village does not have electricity, unstable soil and an average temperature of 39 degrees (102.2°F).”

The couple’s decision gained a lot of attention. Luckily for us, there are also many other people out there willing to help others. Noventa Vicentina, for example, is a 93 years old lady who decided to fly to Kenya to help children in an orphanage. We can’t thank them enough for their work and dedication.


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