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How Lucy Liu’s Decision to Embrace Surrogacy at 46 Proved That It’s Never Too Late to Become a Mom

Many of us know and love Lucy Liu from iconic movies such as Charlie’s Angels or Kill Bill: Vol.1, but details about the talented actress’s personal life are not very well known. While Liu has preferred to keep most of her private matters out of the spotlight, like any proud parent, she was eager to share her experiences of motherhood. In 2015, Liu welcomed her son Rockwell into her life and chose to bring him up on her own. Throughout the years, she’s also shared some wholesome peeks into their family life.

Lucy Liu has preferred to keep her relationships mostly private.

The actress has been romantically linked to several famous men throughout the years, but Lucy Liu has never gotten married and has tried to keep her private life out of the spotlight. However, in 2002 Liu started dating film director and producer Zach Helm. The 2 even got engaged for 5 months, but ended up separating. The Charlie’s Angels star summed up her views about love by saying: “I don’t want to settle for anything else. Love should be like lightning.”

She has been linked to other men in show business, including George Clooney, whom she dated briefly in 2000, and actor Will McCormack between 2004 and 2007. Later, Liu was in a relationship with businessman Noam Gottesman for less than a year in 2014. However, the actress is currently single and focused on raising her son alone.

Although single at the time, she chose to become a mom when she was 46.

Lucy Liu explained that her choice to become a parent in her 40s was inspired by the humanitarian work she had been doing with UNICEF before that. While visiting different countries, Liu met “the most beautiful, warm, gorgeous, friendly babies and children all over the world.”

Although she was single, the timing seemed perfect for her to become a mom. “I felt I was in a really good place. When I was younger, I was traveling so much, just back and forth,” she explained.

She welcomed her son, Rockwell, via gestational surrogacy.

When she felt ready to welcome a child, Liu turned to gestational surrogacy. “It just seemed like the right option for me because I was working, and I didn’t know when I was going to be able to stop,” she said about her choice. In 2015, she was present at her son Rockwell Lloyd’s birth and described the life-changing experience, saying, “I cried when he came out.”

Motherhood has completely changed her life.

“Motherhood has completely turned my world upside down in a positive way.” Despite the challenges that might come with raising a child alone, Lucy Liu has repeatedly stressed her happiness with her choice to become a mom.

On the other hand, the actress decided to continue working as her career is also very important to her. “After having my son, it’s not that I enjoy my job less, I love it much more because he makes everything in my life that much more.”

The actress has a wholesome parenting style.

While educating and nurturing her son, Liu also instills positive values into her child. For example, she stresses the importance of family bonds and the acceptance of non-traditional families. “Whether it’s your gay parents and you’re doing it that way, or you have a child that’s transgender, it’s more about how you love. I think that’s a really wonderful way to support non-traditional families and make what we are doing now a tradition.”

Another vital aspect of Liu’s parenting is introducing her son to body positivity from an early age. The actress believes in having a “sense of openness with your body,” and she uses the correct terms when explaining anatomy to her son. She also makes sure to take care of her child’s and her own health as well, that’s why she’s embraced a vegetarian diet.

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