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15 People Who Probably Wish Their Day Had a Reset Button

Many of us would love to be continually blessed and kept safe from harm. But, occasionally, things get so bad that the only recourse we have is to take a photo and share it with people.

Bright Side has put together a compilation of 15 photos that show that bad things can happen even in the best of times.

1. “Girlfriend was helping cut my hair — she was doing a fantastic job until I heard a gasp.”

2. “Doubt anyone would notice this.”

3. “My breakfast burrito peed on me this morning. I still have 7 hours of work, and it would be a 50 mile round trip to go home and change.”

4. “Got laid off today with zero notice, found all my stuff already in a box when I got to work.”

5. “Got run over by a truck 2 days ago. Now my right foot looks like it belongs to someone else.”

6. “So for my bday, my brother ordered me a jacket that was supposed to be a size medium. When I got the jacket, it was way too big.”

“Upon closer inspection, this is what I found.”

7. “I put a hole in the wall because I passed out while blowing my nose.”

8. “I thought I’d share this from when I passed out some time ago.”

9. “I tried parasailing for the first time, and my harness failed.”

10. “Schrodinger’s baby...”

11. “You know my pain.”

12. “Broke both legs today.”

13. ’’I just wanted to make a smoothie.’’

14. “McDonald’s forgot to put a patty on my kid’s burger.”

15." Found an earwig in my loofa AFTER washing myself off in the shower."

Have you ever been in any of these situations, or even worse? You probably smile and laugh when you think about them. Please tell us what you remember in the comments!

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