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20 Photos That Can Make You Feel Like Gulliver in a Tiny World

An Ikea bag the size of a hand, a tortoise that weighs 2 grams, and a paper crane smaller than a penny — what all these things have in common is the ability to make anyone feel like a giant. It’s a rare feeling for most but it’s nothing to worry about.

Bright Side is now opening the doors to a world of magic where everything is mini-sized.

1. “Shrews have such tiny grabbies!”

2. “I’m not a giant, I’m just installing new flooring at a preschool.”

3. “My mom just gave me these old playing cards!”

4. “Found a motorbike with a mini shoe on its kickstand during my run today.”

5. “My wife found this skink in our garden.”

6. Some turtles and tortoises seem like dinosaurs, but definitely not this one.

7. The smallest Ikea bag ever!

8. “Pipsqueak on my thumb and I have pretty small hands.”

9. “An uber small paper crane I made — the penny is for scale.”

10. “My friend mailed me this very tiny package.”

11. “You only have to stop a little.”

12. It’d be hard to even taste this grape.

13. “Toothpaste that I got in Oregon”

14. A sea of seashells

15. “Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes and this is all my garden produced.”

16. In response to the last post: “Potato person, I raise you my carrot.”

17. “I asked for hot sauce at a restaurant and got this Tabasco bottle.”

18. “A doorknob I saw in Louisiana”

19. “This city has a mock town to teach kids road safety complete with realistic storefronts.”

20. “Found this cutie while working.”

Has something tiny ever made you feel like a giant in their world? Make the comment section your own by sharing your stories and photos!

Preview photo credit CatVonTea / Reddit