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Same-Sex Couples Raise Happier Children, Study Finds

This May, Costa Rica became the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriages. Today, there are 28 countries in the world where people are allowed both to marry and have children with their loved ones, no matter their sex.

Here at Bright Side, we came across an interesting survey that proves, once again, that children simply need love, and nothing else matters.

Сhildren of same-sex couples have the same experiences as children of heterosexual couples.

Contrary to the belief that they lack a male or a female figure in their life, this is simply not the case. Children of same-sex couples are physically and mentally the same as kids that are raised by parents of opposite genders. Studies have proven that a child’s well-being doesn’t depend on their parents’ sexual orientations. It’s affected by the relationships they have with their parents, parenting quality, and a family’s economic well-being.

Same-sex parents tend to share child care and work responsibilities more equitably.

While in heterosexual families, social stigmas regarding “male” and “female” activities are still present, this is not the case in same-sex relationships. Instead of allocating responsibilities based on gender, parents take on the roles that they’re best at and enjoy doing. This abolishment of gender stereotypes seems to be beneficial to children’s health and development.

Children appear to be happier and healthier.

A study conducted in 2012 studied the possible differences between children who have same-sex parents and children of opposite-sex partners. 315 gay parents of 500 children participated in the survey, and all kinds of children’s characteristics were measured.

Even though kids of same-sex and opposite-sex couples scored mostly the same in all characteristics, kids of gay parents got significantly better scores when it came to behavior, general health, and family cohesion, scoring 3% , 6% and 6% higher, respectively. As it turns out, gay parents are also more likely to fully immunize their children than heterosexual couples are.

Still, society’s stigmas do affect children’s mental health.

Several studies showed that kids of same-sex couples face different stigmas about their families in their lives. They constantly experience all kinds of issues, starting with addressing their parents as “Mr. and Mrs.” and dealing with bullying and harassment.

The more stigma the family faces, the more it can impact children’s emotional well-being. As a result, kids might experience rejection and psychological problems.

Do you know any families with same-sex couples?

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