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13 People That Knew Celebrities Before They Became Famous

All famous people had a childhood and were teenagers, they lived regular lives, taking their first steps toward becoming famous. And of course, just like all of us, they had friends, boyfriends, and girlfriends, and they had fights. And many years later, their old friends realized that the guy or the girl from next door became famous worldwide.

We at Bright Side were excited to read these stories from the people who knew celebrities long before they built a stellar career.

  • My middle school art teacher went to school with Adam Sandler, he asked her to prom, she said “nah” cause he was ugly. She silently regrets her decision. © brianxv96 / Reddit

  • My fiancé fell off his bike when he was a little kid in LA. A nice boy, aged 12 or so, helped him up and walked him home to make sure he was okay. That nice boy was Jake Gyllenhaal. © SchleppyJ4 / Reddit

  • My mom was childhood friends with John Travolta and we found a photo of my nana and him after one of his shows, when he did theatre! Look at the ’70s hair... © u/trillionn / Reddit

  • My father-in-law played baseball with Bruce Willis when they were both kids. He said he was a nice guy and a great player, but had a terrible stammer. He went to a vocal coach to get that stammer fixed and the rest is history. © zerbey / Reddit

  • Worked with Halle Berry before she was Halle Berry. She was a model from Chicago in the ’80s and would drive over to Benton Harbor, MI where our studio was (I was the fashion photography assistant.) © mrhoopers / Reddit

  • My uncle went to school with Beyoncé and said that the day she got her first album released he recognized her voice because she used to sing in school. © Jbane56 / Reddit

  • My aunt told me that Leonardo DiCaprio was the weird nerdy kid that everybody avoided in high school. © Eric_Saaan / Reddit

  • My husband’s band played warm-up in the early ’80s for a young comedian named Jim Carrey. He was doing mostly impressions back then and was just getting some good gigs. We got to hang around with him a bit and he was very nice and very funny. A month or so later the drummer for the band was on the subway and Jim Carrey got on his car and recognized him from the gig. Carrey went into his whole act for him right there on the subway. Our buddy wanted to crawl under the seat, as this crazy man was doing his rubber faces and strange noises and everyone on the subway was looking. After Carrey got off the train, the rest of the ride was uneventful. © MrsYoungie / Reddit

  • Both my cousin and brother went to Fairfax High School with Mila Kunis. Both tried to date her, but both got shot down. In those times they were mean to everyone, so I was not surprised they got turned down. They both said she was super sweet though. © MrMcAwesum / Reddit

  • I lived next door to Demi Moore’s aunt in the ’80s. I met her right before she became famous, she was really cool. Somewhere, there is a video of her sitting on my lap talking to the camera about how I was her boyfriend and how we were going to get married. I was so embarrassed, my face was bright red and I could only stutter. I was in that awkward time when girls weren’t icky any more, but I still couldn’t publicly admit it. © ThatScottGuy / Reddit

  • Talking with my mom about Ozark and she told me she went skiing with Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) back on New Year’s Day in 1987. © bhuge33 / Reddit

  • My dad grew up with Patrick Swayze. They were inseparable best friends, his mom and Patrick’s mom were best friends. They went to acting school together and did a commercial together. My dad’s dad was a pilot, and wanted my dad to be a pilot. My dad was getting ready to leave for the academy when Patrick tried to convince him to go audition for a movie with him. My dad’s dad said no way, if he went, he wouldn’t pay for flight school. Patrick ended up landing the role in Skate Town. My dad said he was such an awesome guy growing up, and they had lots of fun. © morphineseason / Reddit

  • Kristen Stewart used to help me practice my English via an online English conversation website back before those Twilight crazies. She was so sweet during the early Twilight years and even joked about her co-stars. She never logged in again after that. She went by the name Krissie. © mrspique / Reddit

Did you know any famous people before they became famous?