11 Rescued Animals That Deserved a Better Life and Got It (The “Before” Photos Might Break Your Heart)

4 years ago

There are many animals that have seen both the good and evil sides of humanity. Cruelty and indifference left deep wounds in them but, luckily, they have finally met nice people that managed to restore their faith in kindness. We collected 11 mini-stories about pet transformations that will melt even the toughest heart.

We at Bright Side understand that this topic is very moving, which is why at the end of the article, we prepared a nice bonus that will lift your mood.

1. A husky named Hope

Rico Soegiarto was on his way home from work when he saw a sick and weak puppy of an unknown breed. He couldn’t just leave the dying animal and ended up taking it home. After 10 months of good care, good food, and kindness, Hope turned into a beautiful Husky, with shiny fur, and big blue eyes, full of faithfulness.

2. Billy the bulldog

One of the trail cameras installed in the forest on the Kells family land captured a weak dog roaming around in the woods. When he was found, he wasn't even able to move. Rescuers said that he wouldn't have survived one more day without help. After several months of persistent treatment, care, and kindness, Billy got back to his usual shape and his faith in humanity has been restored .

3. Duchess the cat

Duchess - The Miracle Kitty - ended up in an animal shelter with a broken jaw that she got after being hit by a car. She would have been euthanized in any other place, but the local doctor decided to take a chance and perform a complex surgery. While her new owner was trying to raise funds for Duchess's treatment via social media, Duchess became a celebrity on the internet. She gained everyone's love and support with her mysterious smile.

4. Zelda the coydog

The hybrid of a coyote and a dog - Zelda was only 20 lbs when her future owner found her. She was weak, exhausted, sick, and she had very little chance of survival. Just like other animals from our compilation, it took Zelda several months to get healthy again. And there is one feature that separates her from other dogs. Coydogs are very independent and active and they almost can't be trained, always giving their owners a lot of trouble. Would you dare leave this adorable troublemaker in your home? Please tell us about it in the comments!

5. Gadis the cat

There was a half-dead cat roaming around a city block in Semarang City, Indonesia. Looking at it, it was clear that the cat wouldn't live long in this condition. A girl named Amira couldn't just pass by this poor soul and took the cat home where she surrounded her new pet with kindness and care. Amira cured the cat with money she collected via donations on the internet and now it's only Gadis's short tail that reminds us about her harsh past.

6. A Pitbull named Brix

Brix had very hard times and both his health and mental condition showed it. Every time someone lifted an arm near him, the dog would cringe ready to endure being beat. The volunteers of the shelter he was at remember it taking many months to restore his faith in humanity. The day Brix was taken to his new home, a smile appeared on his happy face.

7. Lions Kahn & Sheila

Kahn & Sheila were confiscated from a circus where they were not well-cared for and because of this they were in terrible condition. The male lion had serious issues with his bones and he was limping with his front paws. Additionally, he wasn’t able to hold up the rear part of his body and the end of his tail was grey and swollen due to constant chewing (probably because of stress or boredom). The lioness was literally on the edge of death — she couldn’t swallow or move. Luckily, an on-time health check-up helped to spot toxoplasmosis and prescribe her the correct treatment. The results of their many months of rehab can be seen by the way they look today — people around them can’t help but admire the beauty of these wild cats.

8. Piper the Great Pyrenees

Piper was found half-dead in a trash bin. She was very dirty and smelled terrible. When all the dirt was washed off, volunteers were astonished by how gorgeous this white beauty of a rare breed looked. Soon, after grooming and a couple of successful photos were uploaded to the internet, Piper was lucky to find her caring family where she has become the apple of everyone's eye.

9. Lilou the bulldog

Today Lilou lives in a loving family which has 2 more pets that the owners also got from a shelter. 3 years ago this dog was found in terrible condition on a deserted street in Oregon. This poor creature has lost all of its fur due to a severe rash. It was weak and frightened. Several months of care and tenderness restored Lilou's faith in humanity and now she doesn't have a care in the world and is enjoying the sweet life.

10. Pip the kitty

Pip, short for Pipsqueak, was found at the door of a shelter in a box with other kittens. Unfortunately, the rest of the kittens died and Pip was the only one that survived. The little cat was in terrible shape — its eyes were crusted shut because of an eye infection and required urgent treatment. Also, this runt has lost its ability to smell. Its treatment took 6 weeks and it was quite an uphill task. Luckily, the shelter workers managed to give Pip a second chance at life. Finally the kitten has been adopted and has become part of a friendly and loving family.

11. Tintin the squirrel

This tiny squirrel fell from the height of a 4-story building. On the way down it hit a tree branch which left a huge wound on its chest. When mother-squirrel came down, she smelled her cub, touched it with her paw, and left, probably thinking that it wouldn't survive. Decan Andersen, the owner of the garden, watched everything that happened and took the little squirrel home, unable to leave it dying. Thanks to a handmade T-shirt created out of a sock, Tintin couldn't open or scratch its wound. It took almost half a year for this wound to heal. Within this time, Tintin has become completely tame. It even has its own blog where anyone can read its story and watch a day in the life of Tintin the squirrel.

Bonus: Walter — the singing bulldog

Walter has not been adopted yet, but he has always been surrounded with love and care. His unique feature is his ability to sing and he does it so well that we couldn't help sharing his video with you.

What do you think Walter is singing about? Please share your guesses in the comments!

Preview photo credit CaptainFatBad/imgur


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