13 Photos From Years Apart That Perfectly Demonstrate How Fast Time Goes By

2 years ago

Photos have a magical ability to “memorialize” us and, then, after a couple of years or a century, allow others to see the difference in the tiniest of details. A bit of gray hair, shabby clothes, or the broken shingles of a family home — looking at these changes we involuntarily start to think about how fast time flies.

Bright Side is going to show you 13 different photos that show how time changes people, family, couples, pets, and even scenery. The only things that are left untouched are warm memories and a feeling of nostalgia.

The first and the last working days in a hospital, with a 42-year difference

“I am 67 years old now. I feel extremely fortunate to have had a career that I have enjoyed and where I felt I have been helpful to others. I naturally picked a flattering picture where the lighting obscured the deep lines between my eyebrows and other signs of age. I have other pics where I definitely look older! I was laughing because this was about the twentieth picture my very patient co-worker took of me.”

“My grandparents’ house, 102 years apart”

“The only things that have changed on the outside are the metal roof and the paint which we stripped off cause it was old lead paint.”

“20 years ago today, my wife and I met in a waterslide line. Here’s us the night we met and us now.”

“7 years ago I took this picture of Jerry. At 15, he’s still smelling flowers!”

“Here is my great-great grandfather’s house in 1896 and how it looks today.”

Surrounded by stuffed toys, even 15 years later

“2 photographs of my Nana, taken 71 years apart”

“House built by my great-great-grandfather around 1895 and today”

Crawford Notch in New Hampshire, in an 1839 Thomas Cole painting and a 2018 photograph

“2 years ago my dad said we could keep her if he got to pick her name. Meet Dave!”

Dave was only 6-8 weeks old when we found her. My dad was NOT a cat person but fell in love when he saw her and said we could keep her if he got to choose the name. So, her name is Dave! She’s such a playful little girl and we are so happy to have her in our lives. She loves to chatter in the morning and play with her feather toy named ’Larry.’”

“My house about 100 years ago and now”

“One of the first jumps 8 years ago and now”

“This good boy is still stealing hearts a year later”

The main thing is that the feelings captured in these photos stay nice and warm. Have you managed to capture the speed of time in your pics? Please show your photos to us in the comments!

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Preview photo credit nankie / Reddit


When I had my old parrot I never took too many pictures of him
now I miss him so much :(

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