15+ Pets Who Nailed the True Essence of Being Parents

3 years ago

Parenting can be as tough for animals as it is for humans, especially for mammals. They also have to feed their puppies, play with them, and constantly pay attention to what they’re doing. Besides that, just like children, there’s always a rebel furball or an electric personality that animal parents have to deal with.

And in honor of these brave moms and dads, Bright Side selected some of the most medal-worthy pet parents along with a special bonus at the end.

1. Taking family photos: expectation vs reality

2. It’s bath o’clock!

3. Enjoying some quality family time

4. “Even if it’s adopted, this dog treats this cat as its own. Banjo won’t move unless Snacks does.”

5. “Look! I made it!”

6. Feeding when they’re big enough to abandon the milk

7. “She’s busy, come back another time please.”

8. “Look, kid, someday this will all be ours.”

9. “A dog showing his son how to guard the house”

10. When the dad and kitten are found where they shouldn’t be:

11. There’s no better place to sleep than in your mother’s arms.

12. “A Liver German Shepherd puppy meeting her mama”

13. Teaching them how comfortable boxes can be

14. Being a mother also means practicing patience.

15. Playful moments with their dad that this puppy will remember forever

16. Proud mama of 4

Bonus: this comfort dog cuddling a puppy after a long day of being on duty

Do you also have photos of your pet family? Show us in the comment section — we’d love to see them.


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I never understood why cats love boxes... it doesn't make sense they sleep all the time and then they choose to sleep in a box!


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