15 Photos From a Dad of Three Daughters Who Knows How to Make a Good Family Photo Shoot

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3 years ago

“My job is IT-specialist, but my passion is photography,” John Wilhelm says about himself. His father used to be an amateur photographer and was a member of a few professional associations and that’s how the son became passionate about photography. In 2011, John discovered the magic of Photoshop, and since then, he shows his beloved wife and his 3 daughters in a fairytale world. He calls himself a “photoholic” because he’s ready to spend all his free time on his favorite art.

Bright Side couldn’t resist showing our readers these incredible and inspiring shots.

1. My dad and I

2. Self-feeding mash

3. Pelicandrive

4. Think big, start small.

5. Don’t lick frozen metal bars!

6. Yuna Stark — Queen of Westeros

7. Happy New Year!

8. Just a fakir in Italy

9. Toilet paper harvest

10. Dreaming of the ocean

11. Dinner is served.

12. One baby tooth gone

13. Reconciliation

14. A journey to the center of the pulp

15. Just a tired baby

Which photo did you like the most? Are you a fan of taking elaborate family photos? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


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