15 Photos That Prove Our Grannies Rock

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5 years ago

Our grannies are so vulnerable in this modern world. But they still care about us like no one else and make us laugh at all the funny things they do.

Bright Side has collected some funny and cute situations where grannies are the main characters. Grandmothers are unique people who share incredible amounts of love, support, care, and positive emotions with us.

“Grandmom put out this ’bunny’ as an Easter decoration.”

Eric’s grandma adopted 3 cats. When he came to see them he realized one of them was a possum.

Modern innovations have nothing on granny’s imagination.

“My granny says I’m too skinny.”

“My grandma packs her own bacon because she feels like the restaurants never put enough on her sandwiches.”

“My granny knitted a sombrero for my hamster!”

Because all surfaces should be covered.

“This is the way my granny protects her strawberries and scares away the birds. These used to be mine...”

Because grannies are sure their grandchildren are always hungry.

“Had to explain to my grandmother that USB sticks don’t need to be charged.”

“Grandma’s delicious 21-layer Jell-O”

“My grandma, who is 87, was always admiring the pants of my daughter, who is 17, and then it was her birthday...”

“My grandma bought this pig because she felt sorry for it.”

“Gave my granny a computer... She decorated it.”

“My grandma ’fixed’ my fashionable jeans...”

How does your granny usually surprise you? Share your stories with us!


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