15 Photos That Show What Pure Love Is All About, and It’s Something We All Need to See

4 years ago

Pure moments of love create lasting memories that we carry throughout our entire lives. And when life gets tough, it’s those times that give us hope for better days. But the thing about memories is that they fade with time, that is unless you have the perfect timing to take an everlasting snap of those rare moments of true love.

We at Bright Side truly believe that love is the glue that binds us all together, and we chose 15 of the best images to show you that love is the only universal language that all of us connect to.

1. “My brother has Down syndrome. My wife and I let him hold our baby today and here is his look when we gave her to him.”

2. Grandma had surgery on her wrist and couldn’t do her own hair, so my grandpa did it for her.

3. Love is everything.

4. “My grandma, 96, with my grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage.”

5. My dad loving the sight of his son being a dad...

6. True love knows no fences.

7. “So my baby hasn’t seen his dad in 5 months & today this happened... his reaction was priceless.”

8. This couple with Down syndrome was told not to marry and they proved critics wrong 25 years later.

9. He sang to her every night before bed and moments before she passed on, he did the same thing. 70 years of true love!

10. True love never dies.

11. “My father has brain tumors and I was told he wouldn’t make it to my graduation, but he mustered up the strength and did it.”

12. His daughter passed away in an accident and this was the last thing she gave him, so he got it tattooed: It says “I love you Dad” in Spanish.

13. “Jacob is finally able to hug his brother.”

14. “My parents just celebrated their anniversary. This is what love looks like 54 years later.”

15. “This is my mom meeting her biological father after 41 years. She’s adopted and wasn’t able to find him until now.”

Which of the photos above awakened feelings of love? Share similarly powerful photos that ooze with love and emotions in the comment section below.

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The baby is like 2 years old, I'm kinda surprised that he still remembered the father


These warmed my heart like you guys could never imagine. Loved #2!


I just cried a bit. What a wonderful world and people we are! Love wins 4ever!


I had a friend that went through to something similar to #15. She met her biological mother after 30 years…


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