16 Babies That Look Like They’re One Step Away From Retirement

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2 years ago

Born without any hair or teeth and with a grumpy look on our faces — this is how most of us come into this world. Life has a great sense of humor and we believe even newborns can be wise — or at least look the part. The following babies look like they’re about to give us life advice or mumble something about “back in my day, things were not the same,” with a nostalgic gaze.

All newborns are beautiful in our book and Bright Side found a few pics of old-looking babies whose personalities are so strong, we had to share them with you.

1. “My wife gave birth to Steve Buscemi.”

2. “My son looks like a 40-year-old man.”

3. “I gave birth to the most judgmental baby.”

4. “My friend looks like a 40-year-old man in his baby picture.”

5. “My friend just had a baby, it looks like a grumpy old man.”

6. “I think my son is Benjamin Button.”

7. “Friend of ours had a baby, and he looks like he’s almost ready for retirement.”

8. “I’m your grandma.”

9. “When someone says you look like a 60-year-old baby”

10. “Only about 10 hours old and already had enough.”

11. “Middle-aged 1-month-old”

12. “The look my grandpa gives me when I try to explain what a ‘selfie’ is.”

13. “Caught my son at his absolute worst. Looks like he’s been working the night shift for 25 years.”

14. “He looks like he pays taxes and is tired of kids on his lawn.”

15. “Grandma has been grandma since birth.”

16. “My son is only 5 days old and already had seen too much.”

What’s your favorite picture of yourself when you were a baby? If these old-looking babies could talk, what do you think they’d tell you first? Share your answers in the comments and let’s celebrate babies!


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