16 Crazy Gadgets Your Phone Would Want You to Have

3 years ago

Cell phones are so common in our life these days, to the extent of some people having an emotional connection to these pieces of technology. Well, if cellphones could talk, they'd probably want you to get them the things on this list.

Bright Side is in love with smart and pretty designs and it was such a pleasure to collect these for you. Enjoy and get inspired!

1. Selfie arm

Ever felt like there's nobody to take a picture of you? Well, that's what selfie sticks are for. Ever felt like deceiving people into thinking that there is actually somebody there to take your photo? Selfie arm will take a really good care of that!

2. Groot bank

No matter whether you are a Marvel or a DC fan - little Groot is a fan favorite character around the world, so to make a power bank with this cute little guy on it was a no-brainer.

3. I-Potty

More and more people are hooking their kids up to devices at a very young age - but if you've ever had to potty-train one, you might find this potty with a tablet holder a thing of dreams and genius.

4. Wireless charger

Charge everyone's phone in the house without being "tied down" to an electric outlet? Easy!

5. Huge ear phone case

Not sure it serves any purpose - but for some reason, having a giant cartoon-ish ear gets a giggle.

6. The Prynt

Plug in your phone, take a picture, and see it come to life through a device called Prynt. It's basically a device that transforms the picture from your screen to a polaroid picture. Magic, huh?

7. Hand-holding phone case

Long distance relationships could be a heartbreaking experience in one's life, but if you can just imagine holding a loved one's hand while hearing his/her voice, or while going to sleep - it suddenly becomes a little easier. And in that case - this case have served its purpose.

8. This case is bananas!

It could also probably be a boomerang, who knows!

9. Pocketed bra

Did you know that the majority of female clothing has no pockets? Not even jeans! So the only way to hold on to your phone is to use this cute little pocket on a JoeyBra.

10. iMicroscope

This little thing doesn't look like the other entries on this list. It may be little - but it does "big" things! It's a phone tool with a built-in microscope that's very powerful. You can also take pictures through it!

11. iDuck

There are tools that help you take a perfect selfie, hold the phone to your ear, act as a case for your headphones... and then there's iDuck - cute and helpful.

12. Phone drone

The phone case that turns your phone into a drone. You can drop it and this will literally bring it back to your hands - boy, if this isn't the future, I don't know what is!

13. Wireless phone printer

Who needs to carry around a polaroid camera if you can transfer the picture to a wireless printer right from your phone?

14. Beautiful robot

A robot that gives legs to your phone? This makes it portable and helps you find it wherever it is in the house and brings it to you.

15. Phone charger/holder station

And nothing is quite as handy as an all-in-one station for your phone.

16. Realistic food phone cases

If you're the one friend who's always hungry - these are not for you! But nobody can deny that these hyper-realistic phone cases are super cute.

Which of these have inspired you to go shop for phone stuff? Be sure to share your views and opinions with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit joeybra/kickstarter


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