18 Kitties That Purr Out From the Furry Crowd With Their Unique Features

3 years ago

There are 700 million cats in the world. They are all soft furballs. But for some kitties, it’s not enough. They love to be nothing like the others. Curly brows, cow-colored fur, and folded ears are only a few of the amazing ways kittens use to be different.

We at Bright Side believe that all kitties are purrfect. And the world needs to see their uniqueness to make sure, once again, that beauty is not defined by standards.

1. “Kaylis was born with half-eyelids, so he always looks grumpy, but he’s the sweetest boy.”

2. “My girl has a heart on her nose.”

3. When nature uses eye shadow:

4. Furry Baby Yoda

5. “Our new Highlander kitten, polydactyl on all 4 paws and curled ears. We love our unique little kitty.”

6. “Everyone said she was the ugliest kitten they had ever seen and to not bother, but to me, she was the most unique.”

7. Curly brows could become a new beauty trend.

8. A mustache is the sign of a true gentleman.

9. “My albino ragdoll, Milo”

10. “Today we achieved MAXIMUM EARS!”

11. Meow or Moo?

12. “My cat is blind in her right eye, which is sad, but it also gives her a really unique look.”

13. What cat eye makeup actually looks like:

14. “Her ears are folded due to her condition.”

15. It’s impossible to not drown in these eyes.

16. “I’ve named him Bushy Brows Sensei.”

17. “My autistic cat with some extra features.”

18. “My cat has just the one ginger arm. People make jokes but she’s perfect and beautiful to me.”

Is your pet unique? Do they have unusual features? You can share their photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Thrimmar / Reddit


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