18 Pics That Prove Children Can Make Us Smile Without Even Trying

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2 years ago

Children have an inner spark that spreads kindness. Although they may not be aware, they do things or make faces that often surprise us. Their innocence makes our hearts melt because we know that all of their acts come from the heart and that there’s no ill will inside them.

Bright Side will show you some examples of how children can fill us with warmth and make us smile just because they exist.

1. “Taking a happy kid to preschool and picking them up even more happy afterward is an amazing feeling. I have the added benefit that our mode of transportation includes cuddling.”

2. “Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I didn’t want to go to work and I was so tired. I work at a veterinary hospital. The first appointment I got was with a Guinea pig. There was a child with her mother. The child handed me this and said, ‘Thank you for taking care of her.’ I’m keeping it forever.”

3. "My son, who was told last year that he was behind in reading, just finished his first "big kid book"—all 131 pages."

4. “My son drew this dinosaur cartoon.”

“The worst thing about having a pet dinosaur is trying to figure out if it’s a carnivore or a herbivore.”

5. Children’s hearts are made of gold.

“My son had his gymnastics meet today. When his teammate didn’t get any medals, he offered to share one of his. ‘But I didn’t earn it,’ his friend said. My son replied, ‘You earned it by being my best friend.’ Made me tear up, what a good little man.”

6. “This photo of my mom and my daughter sharing a special moment making cupcakes together melts my heart. I hope it helps bring a smile to your face.”

7. The value in teaching kids to love nature.

“Teaching my little green thumb early! She watches me love on our plants daily, and yesterday she said, “Mommy, I want my own plant. Took her straight to a nursery, and now we have a new flower! Meet Daisy, my 5-year-old daughter’s first plant! ❤️ She is so happy. I love watching her come to love plants too.”

8. “My daughter saw me painting a fox, so she drew her own and gave it to me.”

9. “My 8-year-old daughter drew this for me.”

“I love you”

10. Their dishes taste better because they’re made with pure love.

“My 10-year-old daughter, who I’ve been teaching to cook, baked me a birthday cake from scratch (without any help)! It’s chocolate ganache, my absolute favorite. I’m so amazed, and I can’t stop smiling!”

11. “My daughter slept inside this tent she built and has been asleep for over an hour. I just heard her talk in her sleep, saying, ‘I love you, Mama.’ And if that isn’t t love, I don’t know what is!”

12. “A kid in my school learned that my wife and I are having a baby, and used her pocket money to buy us this.”

13. “My kid wanted to be a cup of mac-n-cheese for Halloween.”

14. “At the park, out of nowhere, an unfamiliar kid toddled toward me, held me, snuck his little head on my shoulder, and ignored his family calling for him. I’ve never felt so special before.”

15. “3 of my 4 kids are making gifts for each other this year. My oldest is sewing ‘Among Us’ characters for his brothers and sister. As a dad, this makes me incredibly proud.”

16. “My daughter’s car broke down today. Here’s what happened next. The wrecker guy taught my grandson how to winch up a flatbed. Grandson is totally geeked.”

17. “My 4-year-old sister didn’t want to eat her fruit roll-up because it ‘looked pretty.’ So I agreed to take a picture of it for her.”

18. “My brave and adventurous little boy... It’s awesome seeing him grow up. My wife is 16 weeks pregnant with our second, and I can’t wait to give him a sibling!”

What experience have you had that made you confirm how pure, selfless, and tender children are?

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