20 People Who Don’t Need a Monday to Start Doing Good Things

4 years ago

Life is not always easy and we’ve all been through a lot of things. Being nice is not a simple task, especially when you are not feeling well or happy, but sometimes a gesture can completely change how you are feeling. Imagine having a bad day at work and feeling awful, and then coming to your car to find a nice note on your windshield that was left by a stranger. Life is filled with these acts that give us hope and a bright outlook for better things.

We at Bright Side gathered 20 amazing photos showing selfless actions that we can learn a thing or 2 from.

1. “I shaved my head for cancer and donated my hair for a wig!”

2. “My brother-in-law saved my life by donating a kidney to me this week.”

3. A little girl put a heater outside for a cat during a cold spell.

4. “This little girl in my acting class found out that I love Harry Potter and made this for me!”

5. A little girl created a stuffed animal sleeve that covers and conceals I.V. bags

6. Marine officers brought Christmas presents for 2 boys that lost their mother.

7. I accidently left a valuable book on top of my car and some saint put it in a plastic sleeve to protect it from the rain.

8. “I was having a bad day until I saw this on my windshield.”

9. “My son wanted to thank delivery drivers for their hard work.”

10. “Today my 7-year-old donated her hair to charity...”

11. “Found and rescued 2 starving stray pit bulls this morning who were eating trash in the rain on a busy street.”

12. “My son is disabled and LOVES his motorsport. Eric Bana showed Cal his car, gave him his Lambo cap (signed).”

13. Take what you need.

14. Free bananas at the library for students who are studying for finals

15. “Yesterday I was luckily in the right place to hear about lab rats who were in need of an immediate home.”

16. “My doctor did this for me after my shot.”

17. “Decided to sponsor an animals adoption, so when someone adopts her, they will find out she’s already paid for.”

18. “4 lanes of traffic came to a halt to let them cross...”

19. This car’s owner left their sunroof open in the rain, and came back to this.

20. “We couldn’t afford to exchange Christmas presents this year, so my husband did this for me.”

Which good deed spoke to you the most? Have you done something similar or has it been done for you? Let us know in the comments below!


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I felt this post! I'm glad there are still people who don't worry only about themselves


This should be hanging everywhere! People need to be encouraged and felt loved!

Comment with image on Bright Side

I had a smile everything I read something about animals getting a new home!


Sadly not everyone understand that you have pure intentions.. like for example with that car and the umbrella, some people might get upset that you did it to their car lol


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