20+ People Who Hit the Jackpot at the Grocery Store (New Pics)

4 years ago

People will never stop looking for signs of luck, be it a lucky number, a 4-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or any other symbol of good fortune. Surprisingly enough, an ordinary shopping trip to the grocery store can satisfy the urge of a luck hunter and bless them with a real food jackpot.

Here at Bright Side we want you to meet these food lottery winners who know what it means to be on a roll.

1. Have you ever seen a quadruple pod of peanuts?

2. They say the chance of getting a double-yolk egg is about 1 in 1,000.

3. Someone’s found a banana that is bigger than their forearm!

4. “Freakishly large frozen French fry I found”

5. This is the best kiwi in the world, isn’t it?

6. “My little sister’s drum stick came with an extra bottom.”

7. This is a real monster Cheez-it!

8. “I should buy a lottery ticket or something.”

9. Someone’s a winner today.

10. “This onion ring I got is huge.”

11. “Look what I found!”

12. A kiwi inside a kiwi

13. “My popsicle has an entire Oreo cookie inside.”

14. Watermelon bingo

15. A lucky Oreo “sandwich”

16. This fry is just enormous!

17. This mango is twice the size of the person’s palm.

18. “I won the candy lottery with this one! One and a half pieces in this one package cause it didn’t close properly. YES!”

19. That’s not a green tomato. That’s a grape!

20. “2 cookies in one package! My fortune is looking good already.”

21. “I opened my pretzels. They’re one happy family.”

22. The pit to flesh ratio of this avocado is just perfect!

Would you like to “win” any of these jackpots yourself? Have you ever got that lucky when buying food? Feel free to tell us in the comments!


I have never won such a food lottery, but I envy this giant french fry :(
What can be better than a juicy watermelon without seeds?

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