20 Photos Proving That Cats Look Cute From Any Angle

5 years ago

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale about cats landing on their feet, making them the epitome of grace and structure. While there is some truth to it, with their bodies naturally being able to correct their balance during a fall, it’s a lot more tricky than you think. A lot of times, however, we just find our cats in some weird poses or maybe it’s the angle, whatever it is, they’re still cute while doing it.

Bright Side collected some of the funniest images of our feline friends that show how cats can look adorable in any position and no matter what they’re doing.

1. When you try to get to Wonderland but use an actual piece of glass and not a looking glass...

2. He knows you forgot the catnip.

3. The doctor ordered a CT scan. I thought he said CAT scan.

4. We can’t figure out how he got there or where he’s going.

5. Hey buddy, you really need to start cleaning out your gutters!

6. Who wants their tummy rubbed?

7. Say what you will, but some cats were born to fly!

8. Always remember to do your morning exercises.

9. It was made for drying clothing... but we can’t deny that napping on it just makes sense!

10. Somebody wants a career in modeling...

11. The ultimate game of hide-and-seek

12. When you need to relax but your legs keep falling asleep:

13. When your cat thinks he’s your guardian angel:

14. Finally figured out what these things are for.

15. That awkward moment when you realize your cats are going to run away to join the circus:

16. Anywhere can be a good place for morning stretches, as long as you use your imagination.

17. Don’t you just love “Bring Your Cat To Work Day?”

18. Your cat is always going to be the little buddy who looks up to you... until he learns to fly.

19. Asking for smaller cats is just impossible, they need to start making larger windowsills.

20. Life has reached its peak when your cat learns to become one with the doughnut.

Bonus: Because cats are the kings of this world.

Have you ever seen your cat from a weird angle? Do you have any cute cat photos to share with the world? Let us know in the comments.


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