20+ Seniors Who Will Be Your Next Happy Pill

3 years ago

We all unconditionally love our grandpas and grandmas and we appreciate them because they provide us with the most genuine love and care in our times of need. They are our guardian angels that we will always have around us. Take a look at these seniors who are true treasures — they will definitely be the next happy pill in your life.

Bright Side brings you 20+ photos that prove seniors are the best when it comes to keeping us smiling!

1. My grandmother at 100 years old, still doing a 30-second plank.

2. “My grandpa seeing his navy commander again for the first time in a long time”

3. “This is my grandma and her third weather book. She has recorded the weather every day for 30 years.”

4. This 89-year-old Japanese grandma discovered photography and cannot stop taking self-portraits!

5. My veteran grandpa was asked by a little girl if he would do it all again. He said, “Yes, for you.”

6. A friend had a medieval-themed wedding and her grandpa showed up like this.

7. “My grandma, in her makeshift kitchen, just baked monkey bread for the first time!”

8. “I found out today that my grandpa ordered a better gaming rig than me or any of my friends.”

9. “My wife’s mom recently passed and she found this. Her grandmother made it of all 3 generations.”

10. A 90-year-old grandpa is sewing up the holes his dog made in its favorite toy.

11. He cooks for the kids in his village every day.

12. A 92-year-old Grandpa is making a birthday card for his 93-year-old wife.

13. A grandmother with macular degeneration painted this in 200 hours.

14. This famous Grandpa in Korea loves to make his customers happy.

15. This 101-year-old grandfather threw a 100th birthday party for his best friend.

16. This 97-year-old grandma proves that she can still touch her toes.

17. “My grandfather has a list of every book he has ever read. He’s currently on his 6,070th.”

18. “My 86-year-old grandpa tried out my virtual reality quest for the first time.”

19. 74-year-old Grandpa with COPD on a roller coaster. He was so excited!

20. This grandmother uses a spatula to move around completed sections of her puzzle.

21. He’s meeting his grandson for the first time.

People are delighted with what they are doing in their lives, despite their age. Which one do you think gives you the most feels? Comment down below!

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Number 19.

74-year-old Grandpa with COPD on a roller coaster. He was so excited!

the grandpa that makes a bday card for his wife.. just the look on his face. I don't think I will see anything cuter toady ?
she does a plank for 30 seconds daily, and I get tired after 15 second ?

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