21 Hacks That Can Make Parenting As Easy As Pie

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4 years ago

Being a new stage in our life, not only does parenting bring us a new role of being moms and dads, but also helps us develop new skills, faster reactions, and quick-wittedness. This article will show you simple but ingenious parenting hacks that can help you with taking care of your baby from birth through graduation. For example, you’ll learn how to keep your kid’s fingers from being sticky when eating ice cream, how to make the learning-to-read process more interesting, and how to quickly build a snow igloo.

Bright Side is going to show you some hacks that parents from all over the world shared on the internet.

A frame and roll of paper on the wall will help your little painter create another masterpiece whenever they want.

Place letter magnets with age-appropriate words on popsicle sticks and have your kid build those words on the lid of a box while traveling.

Another idea for better letter recognition:

Place some duct tape over a toy’s speaker to decrease the sound.

Place a napkin over your sleeping baby while eating out and enjoy your meal.

Pack your kid’s outfits in Ziploc bags for every day when packing for vacation to avoid digging through the entire suitcase. Place the dirty clothes into the same Ziploc bags.

Use a shoe organizer for storing stuffed animals.

Keep your kids’ fingers from getting sticky.

Couple your kids’ socks to avoid the morning chaos.

Or you can buy all the same socks and not worry if they match each other.

Use towels of different colors for each family member.

“Keep an old, battery-less remote near the working unit so your kid has buttons to press while you control the channels.”

Use a bottle-opener or keys to punch the foil on the top of drinkable yogurts, especially when on a trip.

Paint each sector of a kid’s clock face in a different color — it will help them remember the time easier.

Keep your kids engaged while you’re busy with other stuff.

Use a spoon to quickly peel a hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

A rectangular plastic container can help you build snow blocks for a snow house.

Keep grated or whole vegetables frozen — it will help you quickly cook zucchini pancakes or other dishes loved by your kids.

Add some plastic wrap and seal it over your kid’s shirt to keep their clothes from getting dirty.

Place an egg inside a whisk before dying it. It will prevent your kids from getting dirty and your kitchen from getting messy.

How to share one tub of ice cream among several kids:

Which of these hacks are you going to start using after reading our article? Are there any hacks you’d like to share with us? Please write about them in the comments!


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