22 Cats With Crumbling Charisma That We Just Can’t Resist

3 years ago

No 2 cats in the world are alike — they are all different. They have their own character and habits. Some of them have a really unusual appearance, some of them are just charming and charismatic, and others simply think that they are bats, not cats.

Bright Side always falls in love with cats while writing a new article about them. And this one isn’t an exception to that rule!

22. “My friend works for animal control and once she met this little behemoth.”

21. When you’re really a bat on the inside:

20. “I’m ready to do anything for you.”

19. Motherhood be like:

18. Genetics are everything.

17. When you’re a protective dad:

16. Caught in the act!

15. When you’re unique and always try to show it:

14. There’s always that one neighbor that spoils everything:

13. “Here’s my 12-year-old cat asking if we have to keep the rambunctious kittens.”

12. The most handsome man ever!

11. Elegant maneuver

10. Pet me! Now!

9. Surprise effect in action

8. Hot weather is exhausting.

7. Meet Catiano Purrchelli!

6. Vegetarian cats do exist!

5. When you’re a serious man but they always try to pet you:

4. “Oh, OK-OK, slow down.”

3. Cats should get at least 16 hours of sleep a day.

2. When your cat is mad at you because you’ve taken her to the vet:

1. Cats sleep better when they are as close to their owners as possible.

Do you have a cat that makes you smile every day? Tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / Pikabu


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