9 Spectacular Movie Premieres From 2020 That the Whole World Is Talking About

10 months ago

2020 is full of impressive movie premieres: there are spectacular blockbusters, nostalgic remakes, social films, and dramas. It seems that in 2020, we will want to go to the movies more often.

We at Bright Side are already impatient when it comes to wanting to see these upcoming films from our compilation. And our bonus will enlighten all the fans of the Harry Potter series.


  • Release date: March 25

This is a movie adaptation of the cartoon Mulan — about a brave girl that joined the army in place of her ill father to fight against the conquerors and who became the greatest warrior in China’s history.

Disney started a huge casting process as they were looking for an actress for the role of Mulan. They traveled to 5 countries and auditioned thousands of girls. Their choice was one of the most popular actresses in China — Liu Yifei.

The Eternals

  • Release date: November 4

After the end of The Avengers in 2019, Marvel is preparing a replacement for the successful series. The events of the film will be set after the defeat of Thanos: the immortal entities that used to hide from people, unite to save the world from imminent danger.

The cast is pretty impressive: Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, the star of Stranger Things Millie Bobby Brown, 2 Game of Thrones stars — Kit Harington and Richard Madden and others. Kit posted a photo and said he was happy that the Stark brothers were going to reunite.

Black Widow

  • Release date: April 24

Scarlett Johansson is going to return to the role of KGB agent Natasha Romanoff and she will return to her homeland to see the ghosts of her past. She will remember the things that happened to her long before she joined the Avengers. Besides, Iron Man is going to appear in the film, which will be a nice touch after the release of Avengers: Endgame.

Bill & Ted Face the Music

  • Release date: August 20

This is a sequel to the story of 2 bad guys that dreamed of becoming popular rock stars. But real life sets its own rules and forces the guys find steady jobs to provide for their families. Everything changes when they meet a guy from the future.

Keanu even had to shave his amazing beard for the role.

Free Guy

  • Release date: July 1

Ryan Reynolds is a bank employee who suddenly realizes that he lives in the matrix. Or, in a videogame where he is just an NPC (Non-playable character), but then he becomes the main character. The movie creators borrowed the idea from the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, so the film is going to be just as funny as Deadpool.

Top Gun: Maverick

  • Release date: June 24

Tom Cruise returns to the role that made him a superstar. The sequel of Top Gun will make his character a mentor for young pilots. Judging by the trailers we’ve seen, the film is full of action, dangerous stunts, and crazy dogfights.


  • Release date: April 2

Tom Hardy is going to play the final days of the life of the legendary Al Capone after his 10-year-long prison sentence. Without his power and in total loneliness, the ex-criminal boss reminisces about his difficult past and violent crimes.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

  • Release date: July 2

After the failure of the “feminine” version of the film, the management of this film decided to hit us right in our nostalgic feelings and get the old team back to work. The film will be set on a farm that a single mother inherits from her father. Her children explore their grandfather’s house and find a car that belonged to the famous Ghostbusters.

Sonic: the Hedgehog

  • Release date: February 12

Sonic, the blue hedgehog we all know from the famous video game, and his friend Tom will fight against the evil doctor Robotnik (how do you like Jim Carrey with a mustache?). This is another film that will make you feel really nostalgic.

Bonus: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Back in 2016, Warner Bros. claimed that they were going to make a sequel and they said they would do it by 2020. This is why at the beginning of the year, there was a rush of news about Harry Potter coming back to the big screen. But most likely, these are only rumors, at least Daniel Radcliffe says so on his Instagram page. Warner Bros. said that they are going to start working on the franchise after they finish the Fantastic Beasts series. This means we are going to have to wait for about 2-3 more years.

Which of these films are you going to see in the movie theater?

Rumors of a budding romance between Tom Cruise and Shakira have intensified after their recent appearance at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix. While no official relationship confirmation exists, their evident chemistry has fans and media buzzing. Cruise, known for his high-profile relationships with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, has reportedly shown keen interest in the Colombian singer. This speculation grew after Cruise sent Shakira flowers, a gesture implying more than a casual interaction.


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Can't wait for the Black Widow. One of my favorite characters in the Avengers.

I almost cried after what happened to her in the Avengers ?


I will go on Mulan :)

I love the cartoon and think that the films is going to be even better


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