A Girl With Down Syndrome Makes a Head-Spinning Modeling Career and Proves Inclusivity Is Beautiful

2 years ago

Victoria’s Secret has announced its latest campaign, Love Cloud, which brings together models from all spheres of life. A young woman in a wheelchair, a fitness coach, and even a firefighter were cast for the new campaign. Our heroine today is Sofia Jirau, a model with Down syndrome who has also been cast, and she aims to shake up the standards of the fashion industry.

Here at Bright Side, we take our hats off to the beauty and determination of Sofia, and we’d love for you to get acquainted with her together with us.

The fashion world has always been Sofia’s biggest passion.

A girl from Puerto Rico, Sofia has been dreaming to get into the fashion industry from an early age, according to Vogue. Her dream finally came true in February 2020. A fashion designer named Marisa Santiago invited Sofia to walk at New York Fashion Week. The girl was so impressed by this event that she wrote on her Instagram: “Yesterday, I achieved a dream. I was born for this and I want to show the world that I have everything a model needs to shine.”

In October 2021, she also walked for a Puerto Rican fashion designer, as reported in Vogue.

The model’s career took another turn with the famous brand.

The Love Cloud collection’s inclusive campaign from Victoria’s Secret has become one of Sofia’s life goals that she’s been able to achieve. She couldn’t hold back her emotions when she posted the photo of herself in the campaign on her Instagram page. She wrote: “One day I dreamed about it, I worked to get there, and today it’s a dream come true. I can finally tell you my big secret. I am the first Victoria’s Secret model with Down syndrome! Thank you all for always supporting me in my endeavors. This is just the beginning!”

Apart from modeling, Sofia has one more dream come true.

Sofia has her own accessories brand, and this is one more goal that this beautiful woman has achieved. The brand’s name is Alavett, which could be translated to “I love it.” According to Vogue, Sofia’s brand features accessories like notebooks, bags, phone covers, pillowcases, and mugs, and all of them are designed by Sofia.

Sofia also takes an active part in promoting the beauty of inclusivity.

Sofia is not only breaking through the fashion world, but she really loves to inspire others. She has her own campaign, Sin Limites, that raises awareness about Down syndrome, according to CNBC. She is absolutely convinced that models with Down syndrome can model and hold jobs.

Do you find Sofia’s story inspiring? How else do you think the fashion industry can change to be even more diverse?


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