A Mom of 2 Documents the Hairstyles That She Does for Her Kids, and We Can’t Help but Be in Awe

3 years ago

Braid patterns were first used long ago as a part of tribal customs in Africa. They could indicate a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, and social position. And in some cases, braids were a form of survival. Nowadays, braids have become a complex element that adds special vigor to any hairstyle. Mariya Bobroy, a mom of 2 girls, has become somewhat obsessed with this art, and now she turns the hair of her little ladies into real masterpieces.

Here at Bright Side, we looked at the hairstyles created by Mariya with slight envy and lots of admiration. We’d love for you to get your daily dose of inspiration from her together with us.

It all started from being tired of ordinary ponytails.

Mariya has 2 daughters, Briana, age 8; and Ariana, age 6. Being a parent of young, growing girls has made this mom face a common parental dilemma: the wish to do something cute on her kids’ hair and to step away from an ordinary bun or ponytail.

After watching a few tutorials on YouTube, Mariya tried her first hairstyle on Briana and realized there was no going back — she was addicted to braiding from then on.

The braiding routine turned out to be less complex than she’d thought.

At first, Mariya spent about 1 hour doing some intricate braids. Now, she confesses that it has become easier with time and practice. They braid every morning before school while the girls eat breakfast. It takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes per style. Some styles will stay put for a few days, but the mom enjoys creating something new, daily. She believes it’s their bonding time and they all truly cherish these moments.

The hairstyles help the girls a lot in their everyday life.

In her interview with Bright Side, the mom revealed that they receive a lot of compliments everywhere they go. People seem surprised that Mariya is self-taught and they ask if she could teach them how to braid. That’s the main reason why they started their own YouTube channel. As much as she enjoys braiding her girls’ hair, she loves creating styles for their friends as well. Their faces light up when they see their hair braided.

Receiving all this attention definitely gave the kids a boost of self-confidence. They love telling people about the different kinds of braids they know, and it’s a great conversation starter. Ariana is very much into fashion and loves to match her outfits to her hairstyles. She’s at the age now where she comes up with ideas for different styles and her mom always tries to create them for her.

What’s a hairstyle that you’ve recently made for yourself or someone in your family? We’d love to take a look at your masterpieces!


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African American women have been doing these designs for years. I'm not in awe of something already being done but whitewashed 😂


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